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5 Ways to Beat a Case of the Mondays

5 Ways to Beat a Case of the Mondays

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Do you ever struggle to get motivated on a Monday? We know it’s hard to get inspired for the week sometimes, especially if you’ve had a relaxing weekend. So, we came up with these 5 simple tips on how to get motivated on Mondays!

1. Have A Team Meeting

When you get to your workplace on Monday morning, gather your team together and open up a meeting by talking about your weekend. Ask your team members how their weekends went. Not only does this get people talking, but it builds relationships between you and your coworkers! Once everyone is relaxed and talkative, then you can begin your meeting. Talk about what needs to happen that week and provide encouragement to your team members. Perhaps you can even offer a reward for the end of the week if everything gets done by Friday – talk about motivation!

2. Have An Office-Wide Breakfast

If you and your coworkers are anything like we are over here at VoiceNation, then you love to eat! Eating is often a social event, and eating together with coworkers is not only fun, but it can be a time of relationship-building and team bonding. Breakfast is an essential part of the day, so why not do it together? Most people like bagels and donuts (especially donuts), so you know that people will get excited when they see them in the office. After conversing over breakfast, everyone will have energy to begin their day.

3. Make A To-Do List

When you get to work on Monday, before doing anything else, make your to-do list for the day. Start out by writing down little tasks that you can get knocked out in a few minutes. Write down the bigger things you need to get done, but don’t overwhelm yourself. Make sure everything on your list is achievable in a day’s time. When your list is complete and you are ready to get started, look at it and say “Let’s do this!”

4. Figure Out Your Goals

Sometimes thinking about everything that needs to get done in a week‘s time is overwhelming and stressful. In fact, it probably decreases motivation more than anything. Instead of thinking about everything in the big picture, figure out what your most important goals are for the week, and then come up with a plan to achieve them. When you realize that a goal is actually achievable, it is much easier to become motivated.

5. Manage Your Time

There is only so much time in a workday on a Monday. When you get to work on Monday morning, don’t waste time procrastinating and instead, work hard up until lunch time. Reward yourself with a nice lunch. Then get back to it. Be driven and dedicated to accomplish as much as you can in one day. It may even help you to compete with yourself – try to do more next Monday than you did this Monday!

Your friends here at VoiceNation want to wish you good luck today. We know you can accomplish everything you set out to do! Feel free to let us know how you’re doing – we love hearing from our customers!

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