5 Ways to Making Better Business Decisions

5 Ways to Making Better Business Decisions

1. Don’t seek perfection. Great leaders would rather have a project or report be delivered 80% complete a few hours early than 100% complete five minutes late. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect.

2. Be independent. Good decisions are independently. Surround yourself with good, bright individuals to bounce ideas. Group decisions can take longer than the timeline expected. Get your information from credible sources and then act, swiftly.

3. Turn your brain off. Insight comes when you least expect it. The solution or ideas will come when you are busy solving other issues.

4. Don’t problem solve. A decision will solve the problem. Decision making often relies more on your feeling than study. Although you might research a lot of data, the tipping point often rests with your gut.

5. Admit your mistakes. Wrong decisions happen, admit them and then correct them. Making wrong decisions and admitting the mistake, will earn you more respect and loyalty than when you are habitually indecisive.

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