7 Signs of the Best Answering Service

7 Signs of the Best Answering Service

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As you know, providing our customers with “quality answering services” is our biggest priority. And so, we do things a little differently than most call centers in the industry. Because VoiceNation is the face of thousands of businesses nationwide, it makes sense to be… all about you. So, we’ve put together a list of things to watch out for when shopping around for the best answering service for your business needs.

  1. Excellent Customer Service – Your call center partner is an extension of your team and represents your company. If your live agents provide you with top-notch customer support, you can expect your callers will experience that same level of quality service.
  2. Simple All-Inclusive Pricing – Not all call centers offer all-inclusive plans and pricing. Ask about hidden fees and a la carte charges for services like call forwarding, dispatching, message delivery, and virtual fax.
  3. No Weekend or Holiday Fees – Don’t pay higher weekend and holiday rates. Your telephone answering services should provide consistent 24/7/365 service, no matter what time or day your calls are answered.
  4. One Second Increment Billing – One second increment billing is extremely important to ensure you don’t get overcharged.  Make sure to find out how your calls will be billed. Is your live answering service going to charge you for a full minute if the call only lasts 19 seconds?
  5. 24/7 Online Access/Online Administration – A business answering service should be easy and convenient to manage. You may need to change your on-call list or update your call script on a whim. 24 hour online management allows you to make changes on the fly.
  6. Quick Set Up Time – With VoiceNation’s Instant Activation, your account is active with a live receptionist answering your calls with your company name within seconds. If you need your live answering service up and running immediately, ask about set up time. Call centers can take up to 3-5 business days to get an account up and running.
  7. Low Hold Times – ​VoiceNation prides itself on having one of the lowest hold times in the industry. We overstaff to ensure your calls are answered promptly to provide the highest level of customer service.

Bottom line, you need a 24 hour answering service to help your business grow. Whether its lead capture or virtual receptionist services, your customers will benefit from speaking to a live person. Feel free to contact our team if you have any additional questions about what to expect from your call center services.


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