7 Tips to Enhance your Business 2011

7 Tips to Enhance your Business 2011


1. Seize opportunities. Pounce on every possible opportunity to grow your business and contact list.


2. Believe in yourself. Don’t doubt yourself before you try. Make the most of the opportunities you get.  Successful entrepreneurs typically network whenever possible, even in the aisles on a flight.


3. Be fierce. Positive attitude and determination to get what you want out of any meeting. Many entrepreneurs say they exploited every avenue possible.


4. Be Transparent. Honestly is always the best practice. The truth will be revealed, if you are dishonest you will lose your customers.


5. Toot your own horn. Don’t be afraid to let people know you’re a winner.


6. Be open. Listen to people around you, as if you were a sponge — wanting to soak up every bit of knowledge, and opportunity opening.


7. Share. Be open to share knowledge, resources and ideas. This will result in others willingness to share their knowledge with you.

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