Achieving Greatness in Customer Service

Achieving Greatness in Customer Service

There’s good customer service and then there’s great customer service. What differentiates the latter from the former? The answer is simple: human to human contact. People like to know that when they’re dealing with a company, they’re not just another dollar sign. They’re human beings just like everyone else, and like any human being, they want to be listened to with respect. Achieving this level of excellence is no easy task.

The Human Voice

According to Genesys, a company that surveyed 9,000 consumers, the most important aspect of doing business with a company is human service. One key method for attaining this kind of personal contact is a phone answering service. In today’s web driven world, few things beat the authenticity of a one-on-one conversation. It’s the only way to ensure a customer that he or she is dealing with a flesh and blood person.

Yielding Returns

Of course, you can’t just put any old bloke on the line with a customer. When running a business, you have to put a great deal of attention and care into the way your company is represented. In fact, 72 percent of customers are “very” or “extremely” likely to do business with a company known for good customer service. This means that excellence in this kind of service is not only a good business ethic, but it actually yields returns.

The Qualities of Greatness

Though human to human contact is necessary for great service, it has yet to be determined what kind of contact this entails. You can’t have just anyone answering your phones. You need someone who:

  1. Has experience
  2. Exceeds the expectations of the customer by empathizing with his or her situation
  3. Handles calmly and efficiently the needs of an irritated person
  4. Makes the customer feel heard and respected

With a solid phone answering service, manned by a staff with these qualities, your company will soar toward excellence. If every phone interaction blows away the customer, you can just imagine how that will affect your business. You may gain a lifelong patron, and that lifelong patron may tell his or her friends, thus creating a positive feedback loop of customers.

A Culture of Respect

But how do you get such high-quality customer service representatives? Well, if you want this kind of greatness, you might want to look at your business holistically. The only way you can expect your representatives to achieve excellence is if you yourself treat them as excellent. Creating a culture of respect, where every member of the team is valued as essential and indispensable, is necessary if you expect brilliant customer service.

Tips of the Trade

In addition to these more general principles, there are two specific tips that any business representative should know. The first is simple: Know the customer’s name and address them by it. This may sound obvious or silly, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to overlook such a thing. Recent studies show that a person’s name causes a whole different part of the brain to light up, making it clear that a name is special and, in this case, useful.

Similarly with the second tidbit, if the customer has a history with the company, refer to a specific aspect of his or her relationship to the business, even if it’s as simple as, “Thank you for staying with us for the last five years. I really appreciate your coming back to us.” Notice the use of the singular pronoun, “I.” This indicates a personal relationship and communicates to the customer that this is not just a transaction with a business, but also an interaction with a human being.

The bottom line is that in order to achieve excellence in customer service, each representative must treat every customer with respect, listening to their concerns with an open ear.

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