Are You Ready If A Disaster Were To Arise?

Are You Ready If A Disaster Were To Arise?

Hopefully your business is prepared and ready for a major storm, disaster, or serious outage that could take down your phones/business communication. Imagine what this could do to your business… you risk losing new customers AND current customers if they are unable to reach you. These disasters come without any warning and it’s important that your business is covered so that you are able to keep your phones up and running.

VoiceNation provides a disaster recovery answering service that can protect you in any unpredictable case of disaster. Our call center experts are able to take your calls live 24/7 (even in disaster cases), forward calls to you, take orders, and take messages to send immediately to you with your preferred option. If your business is down and you have new customers calling trying to reach you to sign up, buy your product, or order something from you then you do not want to miss these calls. With VoiceNation’s back up plan you don’t have to worry on missing out on this business or money because your calls will be answered by our operators no matter what disaster arises.

Having this back up plan proves to your customers that you are a professional business that is ready for things like disaster so they can feel confident you will take care of them. This plan will attract new customers and maintain current customers because it shows them that you are prepared and know how to handle disruptions. It is worth it to be prepared rather than trying to repair your business. You are busy enough and don’t need to take away from the work you already have and trying to repair what the disaster broke down. Use VoiceNation’s disaster recovery plan and be able to focus on the other parts of recovering your business, while our team takes care of your calls!

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