Business Persuasion

Business Persuasion

There is persuasion all around us every day. For example at work when someone at the office brings in donuts and you are on a diet, so you persuade one of your office friends to eat one with you so you feel less guilty about it. Okay there are more serious aspects of persuasion than that and maybe that one is a little relatable for me.

In this Business Series lesson the basic components of persuasion are explained and how using or being influenced by persuasion can affect personal and professional life. It is important to note that businesses every day use persuasion and persuasive techniques to sell a product and/ or service.

This lesson will help list some of the most important principles from Forbes article, “The 21 Principles of Persuasion.” These principles can help business employees that use persuasion in their job learn what the most important techniques are. There are other techniques explained in this lesson such as the strategy of using pathos, ethos, and logos.

Advertisement is the use of persuasion tactics in corporations to convince people to bring a certain product and use specific services over those of a company competitors. Examples and explanations of different type of advertisements are listed out in this lesson to show how persuasion is tied into advertisements. Persuasion is important in certain business areas and knowing how to use it appropriately and strategically can help bring more customers to your business.

Be sure to follow our blog series, Introducing our new Business Series curriculum, as we continue covering the fundamentals of business and how to put them to use.

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