Christmas memories – VoiceNation style!

Christmas memories – VoiceNation style!

VoiceNation Christmas Memories

VoiceNation Christmas Memories

Whether it revolves around sitting next to the fire and watching the snow fall outside, crazy family members antagonizing each other at Christmas dinners, or maybe finally getting that Christmas present from Santa that you have waited months for, we all have memories of Christmas time that stand out in our minds. I am not saying all memories of this time of year are picture perfect, in fact, there are probably more of those times that make you cringe than would show up in a Lifetime channel Christmas movie, but isn’t that what makes this time of year special?

We asked a few of our staff members if they would be willing to share a favorite, funny, special, or meaningful Christmas memory with us all and they did not disappoint. We have a range from a special children’s Christmas, to some parental ingenuity, to flying little brothers, and even a tissue paper door??? Yeah, if that doesn’t peak your interest, I am not sure what would! Read on and enjoy. Afterward, we would love for you to share your favorite Christmas memory with us below.

The funniest Christmas I remember was one where my parents were on a tight budget so they had to get creative. They decided to restyle the popular children’s book “Once Upon a Potty Time” (For Girls of course) after me. I was 15. They stamped my face on the face of the little girl and changed some wording and names to match our family. Their creativity paid off because it was the most memorable (and disturbingly hilarious) Christmas of my life. – Alisha  

A Polar Express Christmas – Last Christmas, 2014, was our first Christmas together as a family of 4. Our 3-year-old was obsessed with trains, and when I say obsessed, we’re talking a big time train enthusiast! We would spend hours sitting on the floor playing trains with him. The Polar Express movie wasn’t just reserved for December. The two years prior we had “Christmas in July” while that movie seemed to be on repeat in our living room. With so much excitement around Christmas, we decided to take our boys on the “real” Polar Express in Bryson City, North Carolina. We dressed our 11-month-old baby and 3-year-old in matching Christmas pajamas and winter slippers, and headed up to NC. When we arrived, we headed to the ticket counter to pick up our magical train tickets, in hopes of hearing the conductor say, “Tickets, please,” as we boarded the train. And then all of a sudden we heard the train’s whistle and bells in the distance. We quickly headed to the track where the train then stopped and off jumped the train was the conductor, “All Aboard!” The excitement and magic were written all over the children’s faces. The conductor punched our tickets, we boarded the train and headed to the North Pole, cheerfully singing the songs we once sang in our living room. Only, this time, it was real. We drank hot chocolate as thick as melted candy bars. As we wound through the mountains our 3-year-old wanted to walk between the train cars as they did in the movie. So that’s just what we did. When we arrived in the North Pole, Santa boarded the train. Santa made his rounds and when he sat down next to our children, he graciously gave them a silver bell. That bell now hangs on their Christmas tree in their playroom and to this day, they talk about the time we rode the Polar Express to the North Pole. It was a Christmas memory we will never forget!  – Ashley

When I was about 7 y/o my brother and I got a go-cart. When we woke up Christmas morning and unwrapped all of our gifts, my mom and stepdad told us they thought they saw Santa outside by the garage. We got super excited and ran out to the garage to find a go-cart with some ribbon on it and 2 helmets in it! We were so excited we wanted to get in that thing and drive it!!! So we went in ate and got dressed; now we had a large enough driveway to get this going, my brother drove it first because he was a brat! (haha!) but when doing so, he almost ran over my mom because he did not know what the difference between the gas and brake was. When it was my turn  to drive this thing, I went to fast and turned the corner really hard and tossed my little brother out of it! It was so funny to watch him roll out the side…Well, it’s funny now to think about it. Probably 2 years later a friend was driving it at the local park and I was riding passenger…She took the corner too fast and rolled me out of it…Not fun or funny…at all! – Isaac

The running joke in our family is that my mom always forgets one present because she hid it away, so every year someone ends up opening a present a day or two after Christmas. One year she bought me a dresser and forgot to go pick it up, so I got it the next week when the store opened. – Michelle

Okay, this is dumb…haha..but Santa always came and taped tissue paper across the doorway leading to the room where our Christmas tree was. The four of us kids had to run down the hallway through the tissue paper in order to get to the presents Santa left us. We continued this tradition until my youngest brother was 18.  – Caitlin

Merry Christmas!

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