The Coffee Project – E-Commerce at Its Best

The Coffee Project – E-Commerce at Its Best


VoiceNation is proud to serve some really awesome clients. Cool people combined with a great product and a smart business solution is what makes VoiceNation customers stand out.

This month we are directing our attention to the e-commerce business industry. E-commerce is one of the fastest growing business strategies fueled by internet technology. It provides a virtual sales solution for many of today’s businesses worldwide.

VoiceNation’s Featured Customer: The Coffee Project

The Coffee Project has been a leader in home coffee roasting since 1997, offering a variety of specialty raw beans for half the price of roasted beans from the local grocery. Frugal shoppers, coffee connoisseurs, and hip DIY coffee lovers can enjoy the creative lifestyle of roasting raw beans-of-choice to a desired perfection at home.

The Coffee Project conducts 100% of their business online. The nature of an online business environment gives coffee-inspired shoppers the ability to make purchases around the clock, which requires a flexible business strategy and 24/7 customer support.

“Picking up the phone and speaking to a real human is still a very important aspect of customer service in this virtual environment,” explains James Vaughn, owner of The Coffee Project. Even though it is important to drive people to the website, Mr. Vaughn agrees, “A responsive human voice, at any time of the day or night, is probably the best way to foster trust that a company cares about its customers and cares to offer as many ways to communicate as possible.”

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