Don’t Sink Your Startup or Small Business in the First 18 Months!

Don’t Sink Your Startup or Small Business in the First 18 Months!

So you just started the business you’ve always wanted or you have been in business for the last 18 months. Don’t lose all that hard work and dedication. Here are a few key ideas that can keep you a float and from return in to cubicle world. 

1: You are in Charge.  Your business success relies on you. Many entrepreneurs dream about their own company and all the freedom. New businesses often require more than 40 hours a week and are not 8-5 job.

2: Pay attention to cash. Don’t let your business run out of cash. Business doors close when there is no more cash. It’s that simple. Embrace the numbers, make sure your company has enough money for the day to day operations. Get to know accounting software, read books, or take classes. You can be a master accountant.

3: Plan to achieve. Hoping to succeed is not enough to thrive. Customers will not find you out of hte blue. Successful start-up entrepreneurs set specific goals and timelines for their day-by-day strategies. What is your business plan? How will you get customers in the door and keep them?

4: Learn to get social. There are many great social tools out there like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Linkedin. Make friends/followers and participate in communicating in different online communities.

5: Get help. You don’t need to be the “master of everything”. It’s OK to get help or guidance to doing the unknown. When you face unexpected business problems in product development, product packaging, sales, marketing, customer service, or finance, don’t guess, get answers. Books and free online resourses. Business consultants are a great tool.

6: Get Reliable Services. The last tip is do not try to manage everything on your own. VoiceNation offers contact management services. You might feel overwhelmed with being a new boss. Let VoiceNation help you manage your calls and never loss new prospects. VoiceNation will give you the professional image and presence your start-up company needs

Read more: http://www.foxsmallbusinesscenter.com/starting-a-business/2011/01/24/swim-sink-year-business/#ixzz1BzWWnEeu


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