Ethics 101

Ethics 101

Business Series - Ethics Lesson

Ethics to most people are almost like laws. They would not break them because of the serious consequences. The same applies in business. Employees/Employers have ethical standards that they are expected not to “break” or otherwise there will be consequences. Business ethics is necessary and important in every career, every position, and every task. The ethics of a business applies to not only individuals throughout, but also the entire company. Unethical behavior can destroy relationships, terminate jobs, and can become illegal, while ethical behavior develops trust, integrity, and loyalty. Strong ethical behavior is desired by everyone involved in a business- the employer, employees, customers, and consumers.

In our new study, Business Series, you can learn the difference between etiquette and ethics, what ethics is, and what unethical behavior is in business. Below is just a glimpse of some of the behaviors discussed in the Ethics 101 lesson:

Ethical behavior includes:

  • always doing what is rightBusiness Series - Ethics Lesson
  • doing what you say you will
  • not taking advantage of an employee or the company
  • having integrity

Unethical behavior includes: 

  • actions that don’t conform to the acceptable standards of business operations
  • over-billing customers
  • lying, stealing, cheating in the company
  • bribing or taking bribes
  • using the company phone for personal calls

There are many more details in the lesson along with tips and advice on how to avoid unethical behavior and protect yourself in the workplace.

You can check out more about this lesson along with several others that are beneficial in teaching skills, elite qualities, and in-depth principles used in every area of business here in our business blog series related to this study, Introducing our new Business Series curriculum. This whole study was developed by VoiceNation and Georgia CALLS.

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