Etiquette in your business

Etiquette in your business

Business Series - Business Etiquette

Business etiquette matters no matter what profession you are in; it affects your company culture, performance, and attitude. The etiquette lesson in our Business Series lays out the guidelines for what is and isn’t acceptable as business etiquette and Business Series - Business Etiquettehow to apply the material in the workplace.

It is so difficult to remember to always filter your attitude, thoughts, words, and actions being that you spend so much time at work. We get all comfortable, build friendships, and discover our boundaries and all of that can create slack in etiquette because we find ourselves so comfortable we begin to learn where we can bend the rules a little. Whether you fall in this category or you are just not aware of what all business etiquette consists of, this business lesson clarifies what etiquette is in the workplace and why it is so important.

Here are few key points to remember when it comes to business etiquette:

When you enter the door at work your attitude and mind should be set on professionalism and positive energy. The excellence difference in your company when everyone starts bringing positive attitudes will be astonishing.

Proper communication is crucial and sometimes saying nothing at all is best. At work, our thoughts and expressions should be filtered to ensure that nothing is portrayed differently than intended or offensive to anyone. Good communication using business etiquette incorporates how we address, respond to, reply back, acknowledge, and greet others.

You know how you feel about your personal space, so be sensitive to others space as you would want. Respecting others, their space, and possessions are showing proper business etiquette.

The way that you dress is another form of business etiquette which includes your clothes, your cleanliness, and your grooming. Dressing for success speaks volume regarding your attitude, your drive, and how much you care about moving up in the company.

Absolute “NO’s” of business etiquette:
– don’t bring your children
– inappropriate touching
– leaving spaces dirty
– taking credit for someone else’s workplace
– barging into someone else’s office
– being late
– inappropriate language and body language

Professionalism and etiquette go hand-in-hand, you can’t have one without the other. These practices of professionalism, being accountable for your words and actions, and a positive attitude can recreate your company’s culture to happier employees performing with excellence.

Be sure to follow our blog series, Introducing our new Business Series curriculum, as we continue covering the fundamentals of business and how to put them to use.

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