The Final Habit Battle : Good vs. Evil

The Final Habit Battle : Good vs. Evil


Well, we thought we’d never see the end, but we have finally wrapped up our book series on The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. And what better person to wrap it up for us than our very own Bam (Amber) Mooney! Bam is an adventurer, a passionate worker, an animal enthusiast and overall a fantastic person to have on this team here at VoiceNation. This week she focused on how our bad habits can effect the people around us.

We don’t always realize it, in fact, we hardly ever do, but the habits you create for yourself effect more than just you. Usually, I personally think to myself, “well, if I choose to binge on Netflix every night when I go home, how is that affecting anyone else?” There is someone in particular that it does affect however … my dog! My dog is pumped every time I get home from work and she couldn’t be more excited for the potential play time she might receive. But when I make the choice to ignore her, minus the occasional stroke of her soft ears, and watch TV instead of take her on a run or walk, it affects her. She gets restless, becomes destructive, uses our living room as her bathroom, and never sleeps well at night. However, if I choose to make a habit out of leashing her up right when I get home and strapping on my running shoes, this will benefit her emotional and physical health, as well as mine!

Likewise, our bad habits do not only affect our canine best friends, but also the people who work with us and live life closely to us. Think of the person you are closest to. Think about what it is that you love about them … hold that person in your mind for a second. Now, think about all of your bad habits. Negative “self talk”, smoking, drinking, deep insecurities, poor eating, procrastination, etc. Have any of those habits had a negative effect on that person? Probably if you think about it hard enough, your answer will be “yes.” In order to change our bad habits and create new ones, its extremely important that we learn exactly WHO our habits influence. This will become your catalyst for change.

Once you become aware – you have no excuse.

Conversely, there are also ways that our good habits effect those around us in the same way our bad ones do. Every single person out there in the world, yes, that means you too reader, has an influence over someone. The question is, are you going to use your influence in a positive way?

Here are 3 simple steps that all of us, as a staff team, are working to apply in our lives in order to reach the goals we have set for ourselves.

1) Believe in yourself!

2) Be committed!

3) Get support!

We hope that we, at VoiceNation, have been able to inspire, encourage and motivate you who have read our Staff Development lessons. We really believe that changing our habits can change our lives and we hope that you have embraced the “habits” movement with us!


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