Last Friday we launched staff development with a  “game” changing component. Jason, our new Growth Manager, led his first culture meeting of the year! He did an excellent job and really amped everyone up for the beginning of a new series, “Get in the Game.” This series was developed by Jason to be a fun and educational way to participate in staff development.

Jason spoke about our new year and quarterly goals and what staff development would look like and how it would work for the next year. He used a power-point to visually explain our new point system in which we have the opportunity to get points individually, as a team and as a company. He explained the way to earn points was through excellent performance, attendance, deadlines, games, and other tasks that apply to our jobs. Once a quarter comes to an end rewards will be given based on the highest points.

The theme, “Get in the Game” is where the competitions and games will be formed from to keep the growth fun and interesting. This first quarter is basketball because right around the corner is March Madness so we decided for quarter one we would do “VN Madness.” We have basketball themed decorations around the office for a simple reminder to stay motivated to get in the game and to keep shooting for your goals….see what I did there?

The theme and series together help us to be inspired and motivated through fun challenges and competition to do our jobs more and more excellent. Also, it helps Jason keep up with who is showing up on time, who is completing their tasks on time, etc. all at the same time implementing learning and growth in a fun way instead of something mundane just on the computer or in a book. While we will have computer and book activities they are mixed in with the fun so it makes them less dreadful. The fun will be activities like a basketball shoot off or a scavenger hunt to find something basketball related and as you or your team wins, you get points!

We will be following up soon to give an update on how our first quarter of VN Madness is going and what all competitions have taken place, so stay tuned!

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