Giving Thanks at VoiceNation

Giving Thanks at VoiceNation

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Happy Thanksgiving! Working for VoiceNation is an opportunity many of us have always hoped for. It’s like no other. Our company culture creates an environment for staff to thrive in areas of individual passions while growing personally and professionally. The leadership team values each employee by demonstrating a team-oriented approach to management,  by helping staff meet their goals, and through continuous gestures of appreciation for hard work and commitment. Yes, the fully-stocked kitchen is nice, but when we really dig down to the good stuff, VoiceNation is a place where we can be creative, have fun, work hard, and positively impact the lives of others through superb customer service and community outreach projects. It’s no wonder each and every staff member feels privileged to be a part of our growing team. And when we asked specifically, here’s what are employees said they had to be thankful for:

“I love VoiceNation! I am so thankful for my job here. I love how VoiceNation cares about its employees as well as the community! I continue to be amazed at how VoiceNation gives us the opportunity to improve ourselves and the world around us. I feel like we are a family, not just a place I show up to get a check.” – Camille Childers

“I am grateful/thankful for working with the best group of people I have ever worked with in my life. From the President to the CCR’s (and everyone in between), you all have been supportive and such a blessing in my life so for. I thank you all. God is good.” – Trevahn Clarke

“I’m thankful for doing work that I enjoy doing, especially when I can see that I’ve made a difference in the lives of others.”  – Donna Cleveland

“Working at VoiceNation has given me the opportunity to provide for my son and to expand my horizon. I am also thankful that I have an opportunity to work with really amazing people every day. You are positively inspiring because you all work hard and have a great time doing it.”  – Dominique Newton

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to do what I love while being surrounded by an amazing group of people who bring joy and add value to my life. We are given the freedom to be creative, grow, and change the world for others and that is truly unique to VoiceNation.” – Ashley Pardue

“I absolutely adore this company!  I am more thankful and grateful for my job than anyone will probably understand. It’s not even a job to me! What I do (besides getting up early :-P) is more of a hobby that I enjoy and get to learn more about each and every day. Most people have a job and just go to collect the green at the end of each week, but I can honestly say that I come here each day because I enjoy the atmosphere, people and most off all the learning!” – Isaac Peek

“I am thankful for new opportunities – one of which I was given 10 months ago.  Sometimes it’s hard to see the damage being done when you are so close to the cause.  I’m so thankful a door was opened to get me away from the damaging environment I was in and put me in a much more positive and challenging environment.  I love my job and the people I work with.  There couldn’t be a better work family than the one here at VoiceNation!” – Kim Rider

“I am so very thankful to have a job, especially one with an organization that allows me to spread my wings and simply go for it!  VoiceNation never views allowing an employee to try something new as a risk.  Each “give me the chance” is seen as an opportunity for growth and development.  I am also extremely thankful that I get to spend my days with some pretty awesome people who I feel blessed to call my VN family!” – Erin Rogers

“I am thankful for the opportunities I get because I work here. I have rescued two amazing horses and given them a second chance at happiness. Without me getting this job those boys would still be at that house getting beaten and starved to death. It makes me feel amazing that I am able to help them and Voicenation is the one who made that possible. They’ve made my dreams possible.”  – Terri Swain

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