Go for the Gold

Go for the Gold

VoiceNation Olympics

Go for the Gold– create a fun culture while implementing policy and procedures in the workplace…that is Gold for employees and employers!

Every company has policies and procedures and does their best to explain to employees why they are so important to follow. Inevitably employees will slip even if they are still a hard working employee. For example, coming in a little late one day without letting their supervisor know. Although they may be sorry and once they get to the office they work really hard, they still violated the procedure of showing up on time.

Employees hate to feel too much pressure when it comes to the office rules. Although they do not want to come off as a bad employee they can not help but sometimes mess up or forget something. So, how do you still create a fun culture in the office and promote a “can do” attitude for procedures?

VoiceNation Olympics

We have an answer that your business may want to model after or try something similar. Our Excellence Ambassador, Lauren, thought it would be a fun idea to have VoiceNation Olympics!

Here are a few things she had to say about the inspiration of the idea, the way it works, and how beneficial it is to the company:

I decided to Google/Pinterest ways to celebrate the Olympics at the office. What I found was pretty standard. There were many different “games” and competitions you could hold that would break up the normal work day and encourage employees to have a little fun. While holding office chair races and waste bin basketball were fun ideas, the 24-hour nature of our call center would not allow everyone to participate in the competitions. Additionally, as Excellence Ambassador, I am always looking for ways to encourage a new level of excellence, and I wasn’t sure how to tie that in. Then, I came across a quote in an Office Olympic Games guide that was created by Baudville:

“The Olympics remain the most compelling search for excellence that exists in sport, and maybe in life itself.” Dawn Fraser

Inspiration struck me like a lightening bolt. We were going to host our own VoiceNation Olympics that would encourage excellence in the workplace, and employees would have fun doing it.

I met with our administration team, and together we began to put together a plan. We decided to split the company into 11 teams of 7. Each team would gain points for the following: Arriving 5-10 minutes early for their shift, Completing their Staff Development lesson each day, and turning in their end of week report on time. In addition, employees would also lose points for being late or calling out for work.

We chose to focus on these areas for a few reasons:

1. They are standard requests for every employee

2. Many employees tend to struggle with 1 or more areas

3. Showing up to work on time, completing your Staff Development, and handing in your weekly report are essential for the health and growth of individual employees, as well as the overall company.

Splitting the employees into teams rather than making this an individual challenge was an essential part of the plan as well. Not only do the teams encourage co-workers to develop their teamwork skills, but it also is a prime example of accountability in the workplace. If you do not show up, complete your SD lessons, or your weekly report, your co-workers are affected. Creating a model in which your entire team earns or loses points based on your behavior showcases the importance of accountability in the workplace and shows how what you do on the job affects others.

Of course, to add an element of fun, we would add a few challenges during the week that everyone could be involved in, regardless of their shift, and they were able to be completed at their desks. Some of those challenges would include: trivia, logic puzzles, and typing tests. And of course we will hold team challenges for an hour every Friday, and to help spark a competitive edge, we will give away 4 hours of vacation (½ day) to each person on the winning team.

It has been fun getting to see different people interacting and getting to know people in departments they do not normally get to interact with.

In two weeks from the starting date (August 5th), Lauren will announce the winners and our Olympics will be over. Although it will come to an end, Lauren and the executive team hope that the procedures and being excellent will become more habitual and will continue. We strongly believe at VoiceNation that always striving for excellence is what sets our company apart. As well as incorporating fun activities like the Olympics into the office showing employees we care and want them to enjoy their job. This creates happy employees that want to do better and all around have a better attitude!

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