Habits: How Changing Them Changed My Life (Series 3)

Habits: How Changing Them Changed My Life (Series 3)


You’ve read them, connected with them, supported them and been amazed by them! Well, it’s not over yet! Habits: How Changing Them Changed My Life Series 3 has arrived! And this week we’re highlighting our network specialist, Isaac Peek! You may remember his teaching on habits from last month, but now you can see that he truly practices what he preaches! So, here he is, the man of the hour, Isaac!

My “journey” started several months ago when I had to realize again for the umpteenth time that I needed to loose weight. I can look in the mirror and not agree with how my weight makes me look but that’s never been the driving point for me. I’ve always been big and never cared because I had my friends and family that all knew me and loved me for me. I’ve never really cared about my personal appearance, aside from looking the part for the activity (ie., following dress code etc.). Most people want to lose weight to look better. I simply do not care about that. I know that I have to drop the weight because it WILL be the death of me. It’s hard to admit but after being here at VoiceNation, getting comfortable and being able to financially support myself, my eating habits had gotten out of control. I’m able to eat out more and do whatever I want. This is a huge problem because this allowed me to gorge on fast food for convenience and as a result I’ve put on a ton of weight. When I started the most recent time – over 2 months now – I found it difficult to just walk around the office without getting winded and just wanting to sit and work. Around the same time, maybe a week after making up my mind to make this change, we had a Staff Development meeting focused on eating healthy. In this meeting, we learned about calories and how they actually work. This truly set things in motion for me because I never knew the science behind it and with this new knowledge I felt so enlightened. I could then see that eating an entire box of Shells & Cheese is WAY to many calories for a single person to consume. I mean, I knew it was unhealthy but never to this extent.

Prior to that meeting, I was considering weight-loss surgery because I didn’t want to do the hard work. I’ve since changed my viewpoint and have been watching my caloric intake and paying more attention to what I eat. I’ve joined a small gym with a friend where we’ve been accepted into an 8 week program that we’re determined to finish (over half way through it, as of today)! I’ve lost around 20 pounds since my last weight in and roughly 15 inches over all! I know I can do better but I’m more than pleased with my current results. I say I can do better because I still cheat…I have a small(er) slice of cake for birthdays or a small fry when I hit the drive through but I know I’m making strides towards my goal.

I believe a person is not going to make the decision to change their HABITS and exercise their WILLPOWER until they’re good and ready, unfortunately for some that time never comes. I’ve genuinely made that decision and will continue to change my habits to accompany the new life style I wish to lead.

There’s so much to be learned from these lessons that we teach here at VoiceNation. I, myself, have struggled to pin point just one aspect of The Power of Habit (written by Charles Duhigg) that really spoke to me. But it’s not just Tre, Holley and Isaac that have been deeply affected and motivated to change — it’s so many of our staff here, and we’re all working together to inspire those around us to get up and start thinking differently! Changing your habits will, undoubtedly, change your life. We encourage you to start thinking for yourself about the habits that you may want to consider changing and we hope we’ve inspired you to write about your journey, too!

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