Happy Mother’s Day from VoiceNation!

Happy Mother’s Day from VoiceNation!

There are all different types of moms out there. The fascinating thing about moms is that fact that they are all rock stars. Just for the sake of highlighting a few categories, lets discuss my top three, most recognizable moms.

The Granola Mom:

Earth mother. Modern day hippie. Crunchy.

Personally this is my kind of mother. I predict I will be much like this type of mom one day and I’ve accepted that about myself. Granola moms are all about whatever is natural and organic for their child’s play routines, social etiquette, personal growth, education and of course eating habits. These moms make their own baby food, promote cloth diapers, coordinate their wardrobes based off slings, wraps and other baby wearing features. They pack kale chips and edemame for an afternoon snack to the park, there’s pretty much nothing they can’t make or grow themselves and they believe anything with coconut oil in it can cure any aliment. Most importantly, they are always striving to give their child a sense independence and uniqueness. And guess what? YOU ARE ROCK STARS and the world needs more moms like you.

The Pinterest Perfect Mom:

Organized. Creative. Martha Stewart. Classy.

These mom’s are the ones that you want to plan every event you could possibly think of. From birthday parties to baby showers to wedding rehearsals, anything that needs to look handmade and tasteful, these moms are the go-to. Pinterest mothers give their kids amazing Halloween costumes, decorate their homes with class and creativity and typically raise their little ones to be well versed in the art of organization and details. They heavily emphasize one on one time with their families so that they can feel re-energized and get that extra boost of creativity that they need to feel accomplished. These moms hit the nail on the head when it comes to having company over, whipping up a delicious meal for Dad’s company Christmas party and making their kid’s friends feel right at home. YOU ARE AMAZING and the world needs more moms like you.

The Working Mom:

Dedicated. Driven. Inspiring. Innovative.

The working mom is a jaw dropping picture of how two dreams collide into one. These mothers work hard at their jobs every day and then come home and continue to work with the same vigor at loving their kids. They accomplish in one day what most people hope to accomplish in one week. Working moms are the queens of multitasking and delegating. They can get a meal on the table in 10 minutes and can take a shower in 2 minutes flat. Their kids are independent and usually just has driven as they are. These moms are intentional and understand how important it is to manage your time wisely. Working moms are the ones other moms go to when they need to feel empowered and motivated to keep going. YOU LADIES ARE INCREDIBLE and the world needs more moms like you.

Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.

Stevie Wonder

But even with so many different kinds of incredible moms out there in the world, the most important thing to remember is to never compare yourselves. You are not a mother because of your ability to hold it together when all three kids have gotten sick in bed in the middle of the night. You’re not a mother because you can make it to every soccer practice on time. You’re not a mother because your kids successfully made it through college without getting arrested. You are a mother for one simple reason – you have done your best to love your children and to inspire them to be the most unique version of themselves that they can be. Whether you’re a granola, craft savvy or career mom, you all deserve a huge round of applause and a gold medal. So, this year on Mother’s Day, all of us here at VoiceNation wish you an incredible day filled with plenty of group hugs and handmade gifts.

Enjoy this true to life video made to celebrate you in all the little things.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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