How Can VoiceNation Maximize the Efficiency of Your Event Planning Business?

How Can VoiceNation Maximize the Efficiency of Your Event Planning Business?

If you are an event planner, then you know it is one of the most rewarding careers but also one of the most taxing. You have the ability to plan and prepare for events, but also the opportunity to experience the thrill of witnessing them unfold and everything come together successfully. Owning an event planning business means being able to execute not just one particular event, or one client’s desires, but to create numerous memorable experiences on a constant business. In addition, you have the responsibility of maintaining the growth of your business while going above clients’ standards. There are times when the stress is overwhelming and the projects seem unending. What if there was a way to reduce the stress AND tedious tasks while enhancing the thrill and rewards of your career?

VoiceNation offers a perfected service of virtual receptionists that are capable of managing the details and tasks of multiple events. No matter what size your event planning business is, VoiceNation’s remarkable virtual receptionists can help you grow your business, take customer service to a new level, and relieve your stress. Our staff is top-notch and holds themselves to a higher standard of customer service than the industry.

Virtual Receptionists help grow your business:

Having a virtual receptionist not only helps by answering questions and scheduling appointments so that you never miss a new client or current client request, but also by saving you money. With traditional receptionists, you are paying them hour-to-hour no matter how much time they spend on things that are not actually productive for your business. Our receptionists are always available and only compensated when they are performing a task for you. You are able to fixate on what you need to get done, that only your expertise can do, while your clerical tasks are managed for you. This gives you the peace of mind to focus solely on important tasks while you’re behind the scenes are handled for you. Our staff is trained to be able to not only field the calls for you, but further represent your business. Our staff wants to be an extension of your business and help you gain new clients. This leads to more business with less employee overhead costs.

Virtual Receptionists take customer service to a new level:

VoiceNation is an elite, polished answering service that takes time in selecting candidates that are willing to put forth the excellence that VoiceNation expects out of every employee. We want you to have the best, so we choose the best to represent what VoiceNation is founded on – excellent encounters for every customer. You reap the benefits of our training systems that enhance the level of customer service that we provide to your customers on every call, whether we are taking a message, scheduling an appointment, or answering an FAQ. Our employees are taken care of through staff development and office day-to-day perks that create the passion that they extend to your clients.

Virtual Receptionist relieves your stress:

You’re busy at events, after hours with your personal life, you shouldn’t have to worry about missing clients or potential clients. VoiceNation can handle the clerical work of scheduling, event registration, and answering clients’ basic questions. Our expert receptionists can take calls for you 24/7/365. There is never a time that you are not taken care of. You can always be at ease knowing that your personal virtual receptionists are handling calls promptly and professionally. Our staff training and onboarding process give our virtual receptionists the tools that they need to handle your business with care and professionalism. Delegating tasks to our receptionists is not only freeing you to spend time directly with clients and creative partners, but also your home life. You shouldn’t have to be on call 24/7 when we can do it for you. You decide how much control you want and how much you want your virtual receptionist to take for you. Our staff can help you manage your calendar and send you messages straight to your phone/email, updating you about new clients and current client details.

Let’s make your vision for your business a reality!

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