How to Recession-Proof Your Job

How to Recession-Proof Your Job

There is no guarantee you will retain your job in a recession where job cuts seem to be as popular as afternoon coffee, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. This morning Lowes announced the closing of 20 stores, affecting 1,950 workers nationwide. As a business professional, this same fear has probably crossed your mind more than once. Know that you are not alone.

Exceed Expectations

The hard working have to work harder so step up your game and get noticed. Maybe you work late a couple of days each month, or add more duties to your job position.

Show Initiative

Offer to take on more responsibilities. You remember that new project your boss spoke of six months ago that nothing ever happened with? Now is the time to bring it up and offer to lead the project. In addition, you should work to improve other challenges your company faces.


Show them they need you. Make the extra effort to produce the numbers your boss needs to see. Companies thrive on sales, especially during a recession. Your contributions will not only keep the company alive, but may keep your position alive as well.


If you know your position in on the verge of elimination, communicate with your employer to inquire about other available positions within the company. Try not to take the considered cut personally and learn as much as you can about ways to cross promote. Showing interest in your company’s future as well as your own future could land you a new position that will further your professional career.

Minimize negativity

In a professional office environment, stay professional. Don’t let the office gossip get the best of you. Focus on your tasks at hand to ensure you maximize your productivity. Stay positive about your job and continue to work towards your goal.

“It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job. It’s a depression when you lose your own.” — President Truman

Keep in mind that layoff decisions are based on what’s best for the company, not based on performance.

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