How to Stay Connected While Traveling

How to Stay Connected While Traveling


Business Owners don’t have the luxury to close up shop when it is time for R&R. It is the reality that many small business owners never take R&R, because someone will need to “take care of buisness”, always answer emails and phone calls.

Here are 5 must have gagdets listed by Fox Small Business to keep you connected.

1.Smartphone on vacation is essential if to enjoy that vacation. Smartphones are always connected to the Internet, which you can reply to e-mails, surf the Web and attend to matters like payroll.Stay connected to all your employeees and clients, even the disgruntled ones.

2.Laptops notebooks can work together with smartphones. Smartphones are great and easy access to the internet, but thier sceens are too small and thier battery life is very short. Now many laptops come with built in hotspots or many smartphones can act as a hotspot. Internet access in much easier than before.

3. Anti-glare screens guarantee the ability to see what’s on the device on the brightest of days and offer protection from unwanted wondering eyes from strangers.

4. USB stick or a card, starting around $39.99 a month. It’s offered by most of the wireless carriers including Verizon Wireless. With it you can answer email or put out any fires while soaking in the rays on the beach.

5.Solio Classic-I is a universal charger that converts energy from the sun to power devices whether it’s a mobile phone, iPod or computer. The device works with more than 3,200 devices and can hold a charge for up to a year. It sells for $79.95 and can also be plugged into the wall.

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