How VoiceNation is Creating a Family Culture

How VoiceNation is Creating a Family Culture


Change is always needed for growth. Although the word “change” scares a lot of people, it usually turns out for the best. Change grows you, teaches you new things, and shows you areas where you’ve been doing right or wrong. We are excited about the change that is taking place at VoiceNation. New things are happening and things are changing!

Our company has decided to change our culture and create a FAMILY! Our human resource manager always tells us and new hires that we spend more time here at work than we do at home with our families. We spend so many hours around each other so we decided why not make it fun, inviting, and a place we all look forward to!

VoiceNation has always tried to implement a people growth company mindset and culture, but we want to take that even further. When you wake up in the mornings and think about work…what are your initial thoughts? “I don’t want to go today.” “Maybe I can just call in sick, I have time to take off.” Etc. Whatever dreadful questions you ask yourself, they are not a sign of you looking forward to your job. There is no passion there to want to come into work. So, to be sure that never happens in our culture, we have implemented new changes to continue making our culture FUN, PASSIONATE, EXCELLENT, and FAMILY-ORIENTED!

Staff Development Meetings

In staff development meetings lately we have been taking an hour to play games, get to know each other, and have been discussing our policies. Our managers realized some of the policies that were developed years ago do not apply anymore and they are not necessary. So we have been throwing away old policies, under the watchful eye of our human resource manager, and establishing appropriate policies that fit our culture.

Positive Feedback

This past staff development our CEO, Jay, came in and told us an interesting statistic that led to an awesome new challenge for our company as a whole. He said that research has found that the number one thing that keeps marriages together is positive feedback. Since positive feedback is keeping families together and our office is a family, we have started a new culture of positive feedback to ourselves and to others. From now on…negativity is out!

Kudos Board

We have set up a kudos board where we write down a person’s name and something we saw them doing that was excellent and we hang it on our kudos board for everyone to see. At the end of each week we pass back the cards and you get to keep the positive comments that people noticed about you. I personally keep mine tacked up beside me at my desk for a reminder that I’m appreciated when I do something good!


Our CEO sent the company this image below Monday to encourage us to continue to positive feedback and challenge us to do this for one another!

Excellence Ambassador:

Our excellence ambassador, Lauren, promotes excellence and positivity throughout our company. She strives to show excellence each day to each person so that they see what it looks like and can spread it. She plans small things that show us appreciation and make us feel noticed. One example of this is planning random days to have food catered in for lunch! The little things mean the most.

We believe that positive feedback, family culture minded, recognition, and excellent attitudes will change our culture even more!

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