Meet Your VoiceNation Team

Meet Your VoiceNation Team

Today is employee appreciation day! This is one of our favorite days because it means we get to brag about out incredible team!

We know we sound like a broken record when it comes to the growth and development of our staff at VoiceNation, but it’s because we see the tremendous effect that it has on not only the staff as a whole, but on each individual. Our team (which is also your team!) is made up of a group of people that are hard working, driven, unique, and always willing to step up and help in any area needed.


Take Eric for example. Eric has played a key role in VoiceNation since we were based out of a tiny garage in Georgia. He’s been with us through both struggle and growth and is now our Operations Director – He is the one who keeps the call center running smooth and steady, which is not always easy! He’s often referred to around here as our fearless leader because he’s just that: encouraging, approachable, and always helping us grow to be the best that we can be. VoiceNation is super thankful for Eric!

But the greatest factor is that our entire team is made up of people like Eric. Alisha will be celebrating 9 years with VoiceNation in August. She started as a receptionist and has had a hand in essentially every department when needed until finally landing in sales. Likewise, Brenda has been mentoring and developing our team for 6 years now and Jonnie has been professionally and joyfully answering your phones for 4 years. The list of dedicated team mates can go on and on!

VoiceNation thanks Marie

From our long time veterans to our newest family members, we are able to provide exceptional service because of the individuals that create the team. It takes a lot of people in a wide variety of roles to not only run an exceptional business, but to also continue to give back to our community though numerous non profits. We are one team made up of individuals and to each member of our family, we want to thank you. We would shout it fro the rooftops if we could. To put it simply – you guys are rockstars and we appreciate all the hard work you do to make VoiceNation a company that thrives on exceptional quality!

If you have a team of exceptional people helping to make your business stand out, be sure to tell them how much you appreciate them today! Happy Employee Appreciation Day from VoiceNation!

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