Net Neutrality, is it Good or Bad for Business?

Net Neutrality, is it Good or Bad for Business?

Net Neutrality is a hot topic, but what does it mean? It promotes the “internet to be open” and allows anything to be posted for any use, that is lawful. 

Seems like a good concept to have open and free internet, right? Businesses that are free and open to all is good unless it’s your business. How will you make profit or make ends meet? That is the million dollar question for many business owners that face Net Neutrality.

Skype is used over an AT&T wireless network. Consumers only pay AT&T for data services, but not for voice services. But what does this mean for AT&T? It means less money for more services. Net Neutrality prevents AT&T from blocking Skype or any services, which do not profit the company. 

Net Neutrality also limits what can be charged to individual customers. It forces customers to accept slower internet or poor service, to allow all consumers to access the internet at the same time. The mobile industry introduced price tiering in 2010, to adjust fees for the amount of data. These fees varied depending on the individuals use of downloading their favorite YouTube videos or apps.

Is Net Neutrality a good concept for your business?

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