Staff Development Spotlight – Bam

Staff Development Spotlight – Bam

Amber Mooney

Staff Development is an every day term here at VoiceNation. We are a people growth company that believes in pouring into our local community as well as making an impact around the world. But perhaps one of our greatest areas of growth is within the development of our staff. One of our favorite ways of advancing our team is through our biweekly staff development meetings where we get to dive head first into books that stretch us in every area of our lives. (To read more about staff development and what we’re studying, click here!)

Amber Mooney

This week’s Staff Development Spotlight is on our incredible Outreach Coordinator, Amber (Bam) Mooney! One of the greatest benefits to being a part of the VoiceNation team is how often we are able to volunteer in our community. Bam’s role on our team is to create those opportunities and we appreciate every chance to get out there! She’s also the one that makes every day a holiday around the offices with games, incredible food, and themed days. She certainly livens up the place!

This week however, Bam stepped into a new form of outreach as she brought us deeper into Charles Duhigg’s book The Power of Habit. In our last session, Camille taught us how our habits cause us to do many things on autopilot. Our brains are consistently trying to save energy, so it will try to turn almost any action into routine. These habits are built of three things: the cue, the routine, and the reward. By knowing this, we are able to recognize the habits in our lives – both good and bad.

There is, however, another important factor to consider in order to overcome our bad habits: your cravings. Within each routine we have a craving (a strong desire for something) that triggers our habit cycle. Because of the intensity of these cravings, it is not always beneficial to develop a brand new habit to replace your poor habits. Often times the craving for the poor habit is so strong that we revert, even after years of overcoming your craving with your new habit. Instead, there is a longer sustainability by using the same craving, cue, and reward and simply creating a new routine within the cycle.

Staff Development

Take, for instance, the amount of time that most of us spend staring at our phones. If we find ourselves with downtime, needing to unwind, or even in an awkward social situation, we instantly reach for our phones without a moment of thought. This is a craving and quite a strong one at that. We crave stimulation, a moment of mindless entertainment, or some way to fill a silence in which we don’t feel comfortable. But what if instead of automatically reaching for our phones, we change our routine when that craving hits – we reach for a book, knock out tasks on that to do list that you never seem to get to, or even ask someone for an interesting fact about themselves to start a new conversation? The craving is still as strong as ever, as it will always be, but our routine becomes much more beneficial. All of the sudden you’ve found yourself increasing your knowledge, being more productive, and even enhancing your social skills – all from the same craving that launched your bad habit.

So as you go into this week, try to take notice of your cravings and how you respond to them. No matter what, your craving will remain, so why not use it to your advantage?

Thanks for a great lesson Bam! We’re excited to dig deeper into our habits in our next session, brought to us by Isaac Peek! You don’t want to miss it!

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