Staff Development Spotlight – Camille

Staff Development Spotlight – Camille

Staff Development is an every day term here at VoiceNation. We are a people growth company that believes in pouring into our local community as well as making an impact around the world. But perhaps one of our greatest areas of growth is within the development of our staff. One of our favorite ways of advancing our team is through our biweekly staff development meetings where we get to dive head first into books that stretch us in every area of our lives. (To read more about staff development and what we’re studying, click here!)

We learn a lot in these lectures, but we believe that the best way to absorb information is to teach it! So as we make our way through Charles Duhigg’s book The Power of Habit, each staff member will have the opportunity to teach the material in a session the following week. (For some of us, the real growth comes in the form of conquering a fear of public speaking!)

This week’s Staff Development Spotlight is on our lovely Sales Rep, Camille!

Camille has been with VoiceNation for 4 years. She has 3 boys at home and is absolutely in love with her new puppy, Daisy! On Wednesday, Camille conquered the butterflies in her stomach and silenced her beating heart as she taught us about the power of habits in our lives.

William James once said, “All our life, so far as it has definite form, is but a mess of habits.”

According to Duhigg, every single one of us has a habit that we do on autopilot. This can be anything from your typical morning routine to grabbing a snack at a certain time of day. It can even be something as simple as your body telling you to breath. We are all impacted by habits, whether good or bad. The most important thing is that we are the ones to control those habits instead of our habits controlling us.

In The Power of Habit, we learn that scientists have determined that the brain is constantly looking for ways to save effort. Left to it’s own devices, the brain will try to turn almost any routine into a habit. These habits never really disappear, but that doesn’t mean that they must maintain control. They can be ignored, changed, or replaced.  But in order to do so, we need to know what a habit is made of.

A habit is always made of three things:

1) The Cue (or Trigger) – something that tells your brain to go into automatic mode

2) The Routine – this can be physical, mental, or emotional

3) The Reward – Helps your brain determine that this particular loop is worth remembering

Knowing this, we are able to take the habits in our lives that are not so great and turn them into new habits that help us counteract the poor ones. For example, if you are a stress eater, you have a choice in the moment that you feel stressed. You can either train yourself to crave exercise or you can head straight for the box of cookies in the pantry. Creating good habits does not happen instantly, of course, so it is essential to create a reward for yourself that is stronger than your reward of those chewy chocolate chips.  When this happens, your brain decides to motivate you to work towards your stronger reward, creating a healthy habit.

Camille did a fantastic job teaching us this week and we’re all excited to begin creating healthy, productive habits through out this year. If we succeed, maybe we can even create the habit of creating good habits! What habits do you want to change in your every day routine? What will be your reward? Let us know if a comment below and be sure to check back in to see what Amber has to teach us!

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