Staff Development Spotlight: Emily Everett!

Staff Development Spotlight: Emily Everett!

Hold on to your hats ladies and gents because Emily Everett is here to blow your mind. Don’t be deceived by her size – this girl has some wisdom that packs a punch. Emily is our resident social media specialist, our own video correspondent, and a crucial member of our VoiceNation team. She also has a way of seeing life outside the box that gives her a perspective unlike any other. Her lesson this week was about how a crisis (often caused by poor habits) can be used for restructuring good habits and patterns into a more efficient organization. Curious? Allow me to elaborate.

As many of you know and may even be weary of hearing about, we as a staff team, have been studying The Power of Habit​ by Charles Duhigg. When you experience a crisis, it shocks your brain’s habit loop. What I mean by this is, that it causes you to rethink your current habits and assess whether or not they’re beneficial. Even without a crisis on the rise here at VoiceNation, we can still study examples and learn how to be proactive against such crises. Likewise, this is how we can aim for our keystone habit of excellence.

One of the main inhibitors of avoiding a crisis in your workplace and even in your personal life, is following the “unspoken rules”. When we submit to such rules, we engage our habit loop and before we know it, bad habits become as natural as breathing. We wake up, brew coffee, brush our teeth, get dressed, drive to work and viola! The habit loop takes over before we even have a say in the matter. We smell the same old smells of the office and our brain kicks it into neutral and does it’s best to cruise for the rest of the day. During Emily’s lesson, she begged to ask the question, “Why do we all submit to social norms?” Her answer, was that we haven’t learned to recognize when we’re doing it.

“No body really understands why they come into a work environment and submit to the unspoken rules and “norms” of the office. But we all do it! Why? Because we don’t really want to figure out the correct solutions that would change our habits. We want to be…fooled! We want to assume that such “norms” are…well, normal! And so, the bad habits emerge and the crisis follows; and from a crisis we develop new habits.”

When avoiding a crisis, it is important to remember that it is vital for everyone on a staff team to hold themselves and others accountable. If there is a problem, address it directly with the person or persons involved. When we start to create “truces” between departments, we then become the enabler of a potential crisis. We say to ourselves, “well I’m just going to assume that if they do their job and I do mine, then everything will be fine. If I see a problem, I’ll just ignore it until the one responsible takes care of it.” What we don’t realize is how truly detrimental this can be.

So, how can this be avoided in daily life? How can we stop a crisis before it happens and how can we learn from one when it does? Want Emily’s advise? She put it like this,

“Be aware. When you become aware of the “truces” that you’re making with the other people that you work with, you’ll be able to see that you’re only looking at the picture from one, specific angle. Expand your vision and don’t make a habit out of being silent. To avoid crisis here at VoiceNation, we need everyone’s, individual voice.”

Some may say that crises are unavoidable and to some degree that is true. However, as a VoiceNation team, we’re submitting to not only attempt to dispel potential crises, but also to learn from our previous mistakes. We’re vowing to look deep into ourselves and dig out the bad habits that keep us from being who we really are….the ones that keep us from being as excellent as we can be! And we invite you, your family and your business to join us!




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