Take A Break This Thanksgiving, We Got Your Calls!

Take A Break This Thanksgiving, We Got Your Calls!

Around Thanksgiving we understand your life gets a little busier and your business may get overwhelming. That is why we want to help make Thanksgiving relaxing and enjoyable again. There is no need to worry because we’ve got your calls while you eat way too much turkey and while you take the “food coma” nap after too!

VoiceNation offers 24/7 live answering, so you know your business is taken care of around the clock. Your calls will be handled by our customer service representatives that are professionally trained through weeks of on-sight procedures with additional training on your specific account. Your business isn’t the same as others and it deserves its own unique account training.

Our representatives training teaches them how to set up appointments for your business upon our request. Whether you need appointments booked during the holiday or picking up after the holiday pass, VoiceNation’s representatives can set all appointments so that your business isn’t missing anything! Your customers will be glad they chose you when your calls and appointments are still being cared for over Thanksgiving.

Including setting up appointments so your business isn’t missing any business, our live representatives are able to process new orders just like you or your staff would. We can be considered your sales team or an addition to the team you already have. This way you are eliminating lost sales and gaining more money by having a team that works 24/7 for you.

One of the perks of VoiceNation’s answering service is we include features that are just bonuses to getting your calls off of your involved schedule. Two of these are call patching and forwarded messages. Call patching refers to forwarding calls straight to you when you would prefer to take the call and if not we continue to handle the call just the way you would. If you are unable to take the call or would just rather us handle them all, we offer forwarded messages, where we can leave messages that are sent straight to you via text or email. This way you are up to speed with everything going on in your business.

Some people struggle with letting go of the control of their business, that is why VoiceNation provides the user friendly dashboard. This is your hub to your answering service account. You can easily edit your script, add employees, or make a change on your account that instantly goes into effect. You have access to monitor your account and your calls being handled by us. Now you don’t have to stress about not knowing what is going on. You can log in anytime and instantly get call detail records, messages, and call control.

We are here to serve you, all you have to do is easily set up your call script instructions. Everything can be set up online in just a few minutes and we will instantly begin taking your calls the way you want! You deserve to have a relaxing holiday again and with our technology features and friendly representatives you can this year!

While we are getting your calls handled, don’t forget to set your scales back ten pounds Thanksgiving week!

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