Team PC or Team Mac? Pick a Side.

Team PC or Team Mac? Pick a Side.

Are you a PC user or a Mac user? As the PC versus Mac rivalry continues, the heated debate became even more provoking when CNN International launched results of a recent nonscientific survey by Hunch Friday morning.

Older and stiff, the “I’m a PC” man in a brown suit may fit his stereotype accordingly, compared to his fellow cool, calm, and hip “I’m a Mac” counterpart in recent Mac commercials. According to CNN.com, 388,000 Hunch users responded to a survey confirming these characteristics may be excessive and unfair, but also hold some truth.

The survey suggests devoted PC users tend to be straight-laced, by the books type of people. PC users would rather drive a Harley and tend to be better at math than their Mac contender who prefers artsy design and would rather be seen on a Vespa scooter. The urban Mac user is laid back and into fashion trends while the PC user can be called old fashion.

So what are you? To join the debate, go to CNN.com.

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