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Top Features Series: Appointment Setting

Top Features Series: Appointment Setting

VoiceNation Appointment Setting Feature

VoiceNation Appointment Setting Feature5 Benefits of Using a Virtual Appointment Setting Service

How full is your schedule right now? Do you know where you need to be tomorrow? Would you know if someone canceled the appointment you have this afternoon, or would you show up only to discover the voicemail signal that’s been blinking for hours was a cancelation call? As your business grows, so does your need for stellar scheduling skills, but the act of knowing exactly where to be when you don’t always have time to answer your phone might leave you feeling more than a little discombobulated. Yes! I have used my big word for the month. We have offered live answering service for some time now, but did you know we now also provide appointment setting that has several benefits? You haven’t heard? Well, now you have!

1. It Works for a Variety of Businesses

All types of businesses use scheduling. Salons and spas book appointments, therapists schedule sessions with clients and restaurants accept reservations. A virtual call center that schedules appointments can do so for any type of business. Representatives are trained to answer the phone in a tone that matches your company’s style. Do you own a restaurant? We’ll give the specials. Maybe you have a sunny slogan for your tanning business; we have no problem answering with the slogan and using a cheerful voice to match. Our team sounds professional while remaining the friendly people that they really are.

2. You Have a Personalized Dashboard

Our team does all the hard work with the appointment setting, but you have access to your appointments 24 hours a day via your personal dashboard on our website. Check out your schedule for the week ahead, rearrange or cancel appointments as needed or look back on a previous day if you need a reminder of what was on the agenda.

3. Mobile Access Is a Thing

Of course you can’t be glued to your laptop or desktop all day (who would want to be?), so how are you supposed to know if your schedule changes at the last minute? Easy! Our answering and scheduling service includes text and email notification no matter what time it is. You’ll receive real time updates to notify you of last-minute cancelations, changes in meeting place or new appointments so you’ll never feel frazzled as you try to double-check your schedule while riding the train or navigating through traffic…as long as it isn’t illegal to look at your phone while in the car. Either way be careful.

4. You Might Make More Money

Cha-ching! Sometimes people can’t call during hours that are convenient for you. (I know…crazy, right?) Imagine a patient has an appointment for first thing in the morning. If he or she has to cancel unexpectedly, you’ll likely come in to find a voicemail notification, leaving you no time to fill the empty slot and no way to make money during it. Our 24-hour appointment setting takes care of the problem. If client 1 cancels his or her appointment at 3 a.m., and client 2 calls at 6 a.m. looking for a last minute opening, he or she will be in luck! Your clients are happy for the great service, and you’re happy not to lose money. That deserves another, “Cha-ching!”

5. The Plans Are Affordable

Our answering service begins at just $30 per month. Adding on appointment setting is just an additional $9.95 per month, meaning you get an entire virtual call center for less than $40 for 30 days. By comparison, if you hired someone in-house on a part-time basis, you’d pay $29 per four hours of service, and that’s if you only paid minimum wage, which is an unlikely amount for an appointment setter. When you factor in purchasing workers’ compensation and other required insurances when you employ others, $40 doesn’t sound so bad. And let’s be honest, you will get more than just an appointment setter or one employee, you get a whole team of professionally trained folks who know what they are doing to help grow your business.

We are here to help – it’s not only our job but our passion. We are always available to walk you through the purchasing process and to answer your questions before, during or after setup. Check it out today!

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