Top Features Series: Instant Activation

Top Features Series: Instant Activation

VoiceNation Live Answering Features Instant Activation

VoiceNation Live Answering Features Instant ActivationIf you are a business owner or operator, you know the value of time and the annoyance associated with having to wait for things to get done. You might even spend most of your time waiting and waiting and waiting…oh sorry… Chances are that you are the kind of person who gets things done in a hurry because you have lots of other projects and tasks on your plate. Call centers, however, have the reputation for being slow-moving monsters that are about as troublesome as they are useful. Many other companies that offer live answering services have complicated setup processes, and at the end of it all, there is a mysterious “waiting period” you must endure before your account is activated. What in the world is up with that?? Is it a built in coffee break for the system? As the saying goes in the business world, time is money, and waiting five business days certainly doesn’t do your business any favors. That’s why VoiceNation doesn’t make you wait or jump through hoops. We offer online instant activation for your call center services, and we mean it when we say instant! Kinda like The Flash! All it takes to activate your account is three super easy steps.

Choose Your Location and Phone Number

The first step is choosing your location and phone number. You can choose from thousands of locations across the United States, and you can select either a local number or a toll free number. For all you wordsmiths out there, this means you don’t have to settle for a random number. If you want your number to be 1-800-MMMcake, your wish can be granted (as long as someone else hasn’t beaten you to the punch!). Now, I want some cake… Anyway, multiple phone numbers are also available. You can add additional numbers during sign-up for only $5 each per month. Extra lines are useful if you want to separate calls related to individual campaigns or promotions. Once you’ve selected your numbers, you will submit your order.

Online Setup Wizard

After placing your order, you will immediately receive an email with a link to our online activation wizard. This easy-to-follow wizard is another great feature that sets us apart from other companies in the answering service industry. Instead of calling and waiting on hold for someone to activate your account for you or waiting that mysterious 10 minutes, you get the power placed into your hands. You simply need to confirm the details of your account and create instructions for our operators so they know how to handle your calls.

Our operators, by the way, are the best out there. We don’t let just anyone talk to your clients. We ask all applicants to go through tests, simulations, and thorough interviews as part of the hiring process to ensure we find the very best people. Once they are hired, new employees go through extensive training in how to be a professional and friendly operator. The emphasis of this training program is teaching our operators our philosophy of essentially being an extension of our clients’ businesses. All of our call center reps are in-house, so we can continue training, advising, and monitoring for quality control and provide encouragement. This helps all of operators become the best version of themselves possible. All of that means that you get the best operators possible.

Start Taking Calls Instantly

The third and final step is the easiest of all – we start taking your calls. BOOM! As soon as you complete the activation wizard, your account is active. Our operators are always live and will always take your calls live. You never again have to worry about losing clients due to missed calls, because we’re available 24/7/365, holidays and weekends, rain or shine. That’s reliability at its best! You can publish your VoiceNation number, or you can arrange for your company’s existing phone number to be forwarded to us.

That’s all there is to it. There are no setup fees and no contracts when you take advantage of instant activation. All you need to get started is the first month’s payment, and all payments after that are month-to-month. Setting up call center services for your company has never been easier or faster, so what are you waiting for? Start growing your business instantly today!

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