VoiceNation Volunteers at Gwinnett Children’s Shelter on Arbor Day!

VoiceNation Volunteers at Gwinnett Children’s Shelter on Arbor Day!

At VoiceNation, we know we can make a difference and our staff loves to get involved and volunteer in our local community. So, today, to celebrate Arbor Day, we’re here at Gwinnett Children’s Shelter planting a vegetable garden for the kids to help nurture, grow, and take care of. We hope that our garden inspires them and gives them a true sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

We’ve planted tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and bell peppers. We’re so excited for the kids to get home from school today to see their brand new vegetable garden planted and ready. It feels so good to make a true impact on our community. VoiceNation has given us the opportunity to show how our work really does matter. Thank you Gwinnett Children’s Shelter for having us out here today.

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