VoiceNation’s Customer of the Month – Boulder Emotional Wellness

VoiceNation’s Customer of the Month – Boulder Emotional Wellness


VoiceNation offers customizable telecommunication solutions for a variety of industries and this month, we are shifting focus to the medial industry. Our featured customer of the month is Boulder Emotional Wellness, a psychotherapy wellness center that has improved client response time with the use of VoiceNaton’s NextPBX solution.

Boulder Emotional Wellness has provided affordable psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, children, and families in Boulder, Colorado since 2008.

After extensive research and price comparisons, the wellness center chose to implement VoiceNation’s NextPBX solution to help improve client response time and respect its clinicians’ privacy. The NextPBX system has helped fine tune day to day business operations. Boulder Emotional Wellness provides its clinicians with virtual PBX extensions to be used as their contact number. The wellness center asks patients to contact their clinician via the extension given and leave a message to request a call back. VoiceNation’s NextPBX system alerts the therapist or intern of the message immediately through customized text and email notifications.

“Using VoiceNation, clients do not need our staff’s personal cell phone number because VoiceNation sends a text when a message is left,” states Andrew Rose, Executive Director of Boulder Emotional Wellness. VoiceNation’s NextPBX system enables clinicians to promptly and effectively communicate with patients within the required time frame to ensure the highest quality of care.

Click here to read full press release and learn more about the benefits of VoiceNation’s NextPBX solution.


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