VoiceNation’s Non-Profit, Voice4Nations Hosts First Annual School Supply Drive for Local Children in Need

VoiceNation’s Non-Profit, Voice4Nations Hosts First Annual School Supply Drive for Local Children in Need

At VoiceNation, we are always looking for opportunities to positively impact our community, and this summer we are really excited about our new initiative to help local children living in shelters and those in need of assistance this upcoming school year! Our non-profit organization, Voice4Nations is hosting its first annual Operation Give Back: School Supply Drive now, through August 2nd!

Voice4Nations has partnered with local businesses and supply stores to collect basic back-to-school items, like backpack, binders, paper, and flash-drives, and we’re donating them to children less fortunate. The cost for supplies can really add up and we don’t believe any child should feel left out or under distinguished because of their unfortunate situation. So, it’s our privilege to stand up and help these children fulfill the items on their lists.

If you would like to make a donation, learn more, or see a list of school supplies needed, please visit voice4nations.org/school-supply-drive for more information. Thanks for helping us make the world a better place, and remember, you are more influential than you think!

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