We Challenge New Habits

We Challenge New Habits

As the new year approaches, lots of people begin to think what can I do different this year? How can I be better? What did I learn from last year? Not only are people thinking about this in their personal life, but in their business life as well. How can I impact my job different this year? What things can I do better at the office for my company, my customers, my coworkers? What did we learn last year that we can grow from? It’s quite obvious that we all tend to think in the way of “new year, new me.” We all set these new goals/resolutions that we seek out to change and apply to our lives, but today’s study shows that we tend to not stick with that. Why? I mean it’s a fresh start why can’t we apply at least ONE new thing to our routines in the new year?

A 2007 study from the University of Bristol found that eighty-eight percent of New Year’s resolutions fail. Wow… that is more than half of us. So maybe they fail because they are blown up, unattainable, or because we end our year not doing them so how does that make it easy to add it to our lives? Whether it is losing weight, getting rich, fall in love, or help others we all get busy and we come up with excuses OR we go back to our habits that we had before the New Year. That is why at VoiceNation we believe and encourage attainable habits. Habits that are maybe “step 1” of your entire year goal. This way it’s less pressure and it’s more realistic to go from eating whatever you want to feeling like you’re eating rabbit food. If your goal is losing weight then maybe your first habit to start with in January is eating less or watching portions or drinking more water, then once that habit is acquired you begin step 2. This may seem less exciting taking steps to drop to your goal weight, but it is more likely to stick.

We asked a few employees what their New Year resolutions were and we also thought of ways we are going to apply those to our office life to help our employees step by step reach these goals.

Lose weight and learn German. – Lauren, our Excellence Ambassador and Culture Crew Assistant. At the office we buy healthy food options and supply filtered water that can help Lauren to help take steps to reach her resolution. We also offer Staff Development time in which Lauren could use to grow herself and her skill set even if that means learning a new language!


To not make one. – Michelle, one of our Administrative Assistants. Easy enough for us, but we hope that other resolutions at the office encourage Michelle to join in and make new habits!


Exercise and no sodas. – Tamara, our Administrative Assistants. Around the office we have different team members that enjoy working out and encourage one another…or guilt one another by asking have they worked out or when they are going to. This will definitely hold Tamara accountable.


Budget better. – Chris, our Systems Administrator. We just promoted within the company and our Marketing Specialist was boosted to also handle Growth/Staff Development. That being said, our new Growth Manager has big plans that are going to teach us skills and budgeting just may be one of them.


Treat people as if they are going to die and not as objects. – Sheila, our Human Resource Manager. This is such a good one. Our office encourages just this type of thing through reading growth books, and our culture meetings that go over the books and how to apply them to our lives.


We are excited to help and encourage these positive habits into our employees lives. We hope their professional life here at the office helps them take the steps towards their resolution as well. Let’s see if we can out beat the past eighty-eight percent!

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