Live chat is web-based and an extremely powerful way to provide your customers client support instantly. It’s a fast and effective way your clients can contact you with questions and receive answers within seconds. Live chat is a real-time way to engage with your customers, deliver quality results, and monitor conversations. It gives you a step up on your competition by strengthening your relationship with your customers with an added personal touch.

The most frustrating time can be when you, as a customer cannot reach a live support agent. With the click of one button, your customers can contact online client support and have a live person available to answer any questions immediately. There is no picking up the phone, no going through phone prompts, no hold times, and no need to be transferred to the correct representative.

Live chat offers a unique and personalized experience as if your customer support team met face-to-face with your client. Offering the convenience of live chat to your customers is a sure way to boost client satisfaction.

Quality Answering Service understands the importance of offering convenient ways for customers to get help when needed. Through our online dashboard, we provide several methods for customers to contact our technical support personal. Quality Answering Service customers can live chat, call us directly, or submit an online support ticket. We also give them the option to provide feedback – just another way to make sure we continually meet our customers' needs.