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What Are They Up To? – January 26th-30th

What Are They Up To? – January 26th-30th

It’s Creativity Week!! 

You know those people that always seem like they’re living in a fantasy world? The ones that can pull a melody out of thin air, paint an image straight out of their imagination, or take a seemingly plain scene and create an awe inspiring photograph? It’s thanks to those every day creative types that we get to enjoy our favorite novels, films, and albums – those things in life that stir our emotions and reflect what’s deep within all of us.


This week, we celebrated the creativity in all of us with artistic challenges. We’ve had games ranging anywhere from Madlibs (who doesn’t love a good Madlib?) to word association creative writing games. On Wednesday, we took a test to see how right brained or left brained we were and even had a little experiment with some ink blot tests. What do you see in the image to the right?

On Friday, we broke out all of our favorite childhood craft supplies for Abstract Art Day! But instead of just creating something for our offices and desks, we decided to join in with 104.7 The Fish and their Heart Strong project to make Valentine’s Cards for kids who are waiting to get their own hearts fixed at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Be sure to let your creative side run free every once in a while. Without it, we’d all lose a bit of color in our lives. So this week, go paint something, write a song, jot down a story, or maybe even create a card for one of our Heart Strong kids. Leave a comment below and show us your creative side, and be sure to check in next week to see what we’re up to!

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