World Humanitarian Day Stories

World Humanitarian Day Stories


Last week, we encouraged our staff members to take part in World Humanitarian Day and take the opportunity to give back to people in their communities and across the globe! It’s amazing the little things that you can do and it really ends up having an impact on those around you. Here are some of their stories!

Emily and Amber:

“Bam and I were driving home from work one day and decided it sounded delicious to go to Chick-fil-a. As we sat in the drive thru, I said to the guy working the window, “hey, can you put this money towards the car behind me?” Confused, he asked me if we knew them and wanted to say something in particular to them when he gave them the money. We politely declined and said we didn’t know them, but wanted to do something nice for them anyway. After that we drove off and enjoyed our dinner. I trust that those people were thankful and hopefully chose to do the same for the person behind them.”

“Emily and I were feeling really good from our Chick-fil-a experience, so we decided the next day that we would go to Starbucks and get six iced coffee’s and take them to the local fire department in Flowery Branch GA. It was a bit of an awkward explanation, I think it went something like …”Hi ladies, can we help you with something?” Struggling to juggle the iced coffee in our hands, we simply said that we wanted to do something nice for them since they work so hard to keep our county safe every day. They were really grateful and gladly carried on a conversation with us while sipping on the Starbucks version of liquid gold.”

Chris Suarez:

“So I paid it forward by paying it backward! I put a little money with it and paid for the order behind mine. I think it may have started a little trend. As I sat in the parking lot eating, I was looking in my rear view mirror and noticed that even though I paid for their order, she still handed money into the window. My hope is that she paid it backward too. I couldn’t hang around long enough to find out. It made me feel good, and put a HUGE smile on her face.”

We try our best here at VoiceNation, to do what we can, when we can, to help other people around us. Of course, an iced coffee and a hamburger meal may not have been what those people expected, but we believe it still made an impact in one way or another. So, wherever you are today, we hope that you’ll read these stories and be inspired to do the same!

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