Is your self-talk leading you to success?

Is your self-talk leading you to success?

VoiceNation Self Talk Success

VoiceNation Self Talk SuccessHave you ever talked to yourself or asked yourself a question? You know, like:

“What was I thinking?”   “Why in the world did I do that?”

“I really should go workout.”   “I shouldn’t eat that.”

Now, you know what I am talking about. Of course, you have! We all do it. We all talk to ourselves. Some more than others…just don’t answer yourself out loud. That might get you a few looks while having a two-sided conversation with yourself. We have been discussing and training on this topic in our staff development courses this week.

We all debate stuff in our heads. We all tell ourselves stuff in the quietness of our minds. Sometimes this can be good when wrestling things down. Other times this can be bad for you and be debilitating. What we think and what choose to allow our “Self-Talk” to repeat over and over in our heads will eventually affect our perception of situations, people, and even ourselves.

Negative self-talk causes a skewed point of view inside our minds and if we say the negative things or dwell on bad memories long enough, we will eventually begin to believe them. This creates a toxic mindset that turns our focus off of possibilities, opportunities, and hope, and points our focus towards problems, issues, and self-pity. A victim mindset forms and your quality of life begins to decrease rapidly.

“If you repeat your negative memories in your mind and feel self-pity, then YOU are both the abuser and the victim – not those who wronged you in the past. Your present and future will be happier if you take control of your thoughts.” By Maddy Malhotra

On the other hand, positive self-talk creates an atmosphere in your mind that is uplifting, encouraging, and inspires.  This type of mental talk can be self-motivating and can strength you. It is that point that you believe, in yourself, that you can dosomething or you are good enough. You shift your focus to the possibilities and a “yes I can” attitude.

So, how do we make the shift? You start. Sounds simple, right? But, it is true. You silence the negative self-talk going on in your head by using positive affirmations. You counteract and disqualify the bad with the good.  Just like with the bad, when we tell ourselves something enough we begin to believe it. Why not use that ability for the good? This isn’t about just saying you want a million dollars enough that you will get a million dollars. It is about lining up our words and “self-talk’ with what we are working towards and who we want to be or who we know we were created to be. This can be about your health, relationships, business, etc.

This Saturday, I am running my first half-marathon. Now I am a runner anyway, but trust me when I say that there has been a LOT of negative self-talk in my mind going on through the training process. The days where I let the negative self-talk prevail were the days I did my worst and quit early. The days that I fought through, told myself I could do it, and even visualized myself finishing the race, were my best times and I felt energized.

What we say in our heads, especially about ourselves, has a profound effect on our behaviors. We have to change the way we think in order to change our behaviors.  Dealing with and eliminating the negative self-talk, bad memories, and putting ourselves down will open up a new doorway in life for you. Believe in yourself, speak life into yourself and situations, and focus on your destiny.

“Success in life begins with success in your mind.” By Mark Akin

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