Live Answering Solutions

How would you describe your business’s call volume?

Missing a couple of calls per day. Missing a ton of calls per day Missing too many calls to count!

Based on employee count, what size is your business?

Small (1-10 employees) Medium (11-50 employees) Large (51+ employees)

Last question! What appeals to you more?

Having my own dedicated receptionist. A team of receptionists that manage my calls Doesn’t matter, I just need someone to answer my calls.
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Our Top Live Answering Service Providers

Seeking brilliance from your call answering team? Look no further - we've reviewed the finest in Live Answering Service Providers.

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Live Answering Service Providers

Virtual Receptionists for Live Answering

Looking for the right team (or individual) to handle Call Answering for your business? Look no further!

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Virtual Receptionists

Virtual Assistant on Your Smartphone

Need a call answering solution as mobile as you are? These technology solutions give you full control over your business's customer communication.

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Virtual Assistant App

Discover the benefits of a Live Answering Service:

Answer Every Call! 24/7/365
100% U.S.-Based Operators
Tech-savvy? Apps, Reports, Dashboards
Bilingual Operators
HIPAA-Compliant Call Agents
Industry Specific Scripting - Legal, Real Estate, etc.
850,000 Users and counting!
We've been at this a while. QAS has been trusted by business owners for over 10 years, helping the smartest users on the web find the best Live Answering Solution for their business. Quality Answering Services are our specialty!
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5 Common Myths about Call Centers
Are you considering using a Live Answering Service to handle your incoming calls but are unsure if a call center is the way to go?
More About Q.A.S.
Quality Answering Service exists to educate and provide legitimate Live Answering service options for businesses large and small. For over 10 Years, QAS has delivered on our mission statement, always focused on the quality of our recommendations to best serve the business community's needs.
So what's the difference? Well - our experience is unmatched - we make it easy to find the best solution for your business. There's no hassle here, we serve as an information hub for everything Answering Services!
Quality Answering Service F.A.Q.
What is an Answering Service?
An Answering Service consists of 1 or more live operators who answer calls as your business. While they may not be in your office, your customers will never know the difference, and you'll never miss a call.
I'm stuck between a Live Answering Service or a dedicated Virtual Receptionist, which should I choose?
That's up to you! We believe every business has a unique need to fulfill with its call answering. Use the quiz to find the best solution for you!
Can I stay HIPAA compliant and use an answering service?
Absolutely, but you need to select a company that provides HIPAA compliant services. To view our recommendation, click here
Do all of your providers staff exclusively in the U.S.A.?
That's right! We believe the best call answering teams for U.S.-based businesses are, well, U.S.-based.
I have Spanish speaking clients, is Live Answering for me?
Two of our recommended Live Answering options provide Bilingual Live Answering Operators at your request.
Do I need special equipment for a Live Answering Service?
Internet and a cell phone! Need a number? You can pick out your custom number with our select Live Answering solutions.
How time consuming is a Live Answering set up?
You could start having your calls forwarded today. No, we're totally serious!