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How many live answering minutes per month does your business need covered?

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Is your business mobile, medium-scale (one core location), or large-scale (multiple core locations)?

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Would you strongly prefer a live answering solution that you manage directly from your mobile phone?

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Live Answering Service Providers

Seeking brilliance from your call answering team? Look no further - weve collected the finest in Live Answering Service Providers.

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Live Answering Service Providers

Virtual Receptionists for Live Answering

Looking for the right team (or individual) to handle Call Answering for your business? Look no further!

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Virtual Receptionists

Virtual Receptionists for Live Answering

Need a call answering solution as mobile as you are? These technology solutions give you full control over your businesss customer communication.

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Virtual Assistant App

Discover the benefits of a Live Answering Solution:

Always Answer Calls! 24/7/365
100% U.S.-Based Operators
Techy? Apps, Reports, Dashboards
Bilingual Operators
HIPAA-Compliant Call Agents
SME Teams - Legal, Real Estate, etc.
850,000 Users (+counting!) Trust QAS
Weve been at this a while. We trust our 10+ years helping the smartest users on the web find the best Live Answering Solution for their business. Quality Answering Services are our specialty!
QAS Blog
5 Common Myths about Call Centers
Are you considering using a live answering service to handle your incoming calls but are unsure if a call center is the way to go?
More About Q.A.S.
Quality Answering Service exists to educate and provide legitimate live answering service options for businesses large and small. For over 10! Years, QAS has delivered on our mission statement, always sure to expand on our options to best serve the communitys needs.
So whats the difference? Well - our experience is unmatched - we make it easy to find the solution that fits your business. Theres no hassle or card to swipe here, we serve as an information hub for everything Answering Service!
Live Answering and Virtual Assistant F.A.Q.
Should I go with an Answering Service or Virtual Receptionist?
Thats up to you! We believe every business has a unique need to fulfill with its call answering. Use the quiz to find the best solution for you!
Do all of your providers staff exclusively in the U.S.A.?
Thats right! We believe the best call answering teams for U.S.-based businesses are, well, U.S.-based as well.