Quality Begins with Selecting the Right Team

Success begins with the hiring process. VoiceNation is selective in who we hire to be a part of our team, and ultimately, your team. We are looking for individuals with more than just a friendly voice and advanced typing skills; in order to be a part of our team, the person must have a “Can Do” attitude during the entire hiring process. Why is this so important? Mainly because having the attitude for excellence is the starting point for maximum customer satisfaction and quality control.

Your work really does matter

As the industry leader and the fastest growing professional answering service, there is a lot of career potential here at VoiceNation. We like to say that we’re not in the technology business, we’re in the people growing business. That’s why we take care of our staff by providing a positive working environment where people can grow and reach their potential. Our staff works hard but we play hard too. We’re not just co-workers here; we are a family. Take a look around →


To begin the hiring process, we have our most experienced staff conduct telephone interviews. Then, the applicant will visit our Atlanta headquarters where HR will administer a typing test. If the applicant is successful in meeting the test requirements, he/she will have a face to face interview with our HR Department to discuss experience, skills, personality specifications, and more. Throughout various points in the interview process, we conduct background checks to include personal and professional references and drug tests.

Sometimes during peak hiring times, we will conduct job fairs where our team will assess your skills among fellow applicants. We’ve had great success with this method and it helps us quickly determine the most qualified potential team members in a group scenario.

Unfortunately, not everyone who applies has the potential to be one of VoiceNation’s top quality operators. We expect excellence and that’s why we carefully select only those who have the potential to become the Best of the Best.


Extensive ongoing training programs are conducted in our state of the art training facility to ensure our live operators are by far the best trained in the industry.

Once the operator has completed the hiring process they enter a six week basic training program.  During this six week boot camp each new hire is assigned a mentor who is personally responsible for their success.

  • We classify our customers based on four levels of difficulty.  New hires will be able to handle calls for all four levels after two weeks.
  • During this two week process, their mentor and other supervisors will be monitoring each of the new hires’ calls to closely grade them on their successes and areas for improvement.
  • After the first two weeks, new hires are able to handle all levels of calls and will continue to train full time at this stage over the next 30 days.  During this 30 day period, every call the new hire takes is monitored by their mentor for training and evaluating purposes.
  • Both new hires and mentors receive a pay increase once the 30-day period has successfully been completed. By providing a financial incentive for both,  we are creating a team building exercise and promoting quality and excellence for our customers.
  • Once the six week basic training is complete, new hires are promoted to CCR (Call Center Rep) where they will engage in ongoing staff development trainings on a daily basis.

Every CCR receives a minimum of one full training day on your new account.  This is to ensure that from the very first call we take, your callers believe they are talking to one of your employees, not ours!

“We’re not a company that sells products and does good things. We’re a company that wants to change the world and we fund that dream by selling products.”

– Jay Reeder, CEO of VoiceNation


VoiceNation has established a company culture that nurtures individual talent and prides itself on the ability to promote from within. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. New hires are trained by supervisors who understand what they are going through because they have been there. Promoting from within also means that all staff members, from the director to the floor supervisor, answers calls to ensure maximum answer time and quality for VoiceNation customers.


Staff Development is a popular word around VoiceNation.  All VoiceNation employees participate in continuing education by attending webinars and training events, and reading self-help books. It is the goal at VoiceNation to build and boost important skills that will help employees grow on both a  personal and professional level.

All CCRs (Call Center Reps) attend weekly staff development sessions on various topics such as dealing with disgruntled callers, phone etiquette, typing skills, and customer service.  The Director of Call Center continually encourages all CCRs to treat their position at VoiceNation as a professional career; a career that requires dedication, enthusiasm and continued ongoing training above and beyond what’s considered the minimum.

During the rare quiet times in the call center, our CCRs are instructed to challenge themselves and their colleagues to improve their knowledge of our customers’ accounts. This is accomplished by playing a variety of games such as role playing and scavenger hunts.  The idea is to know and understand everything possible about each account based on memory. In addition, prizes and bonuses are awarded weekly and monthly from ongoing contests in the call center.

To find out more about the staff development program here at VoiceNation, you can read more here.

Company Culture

VoiceNation creates an exciting experience to WOW its employees, where culture matches our business strategy.

Staff Development

VoiceNation promotes excellence in staff by making valuable contributions to the growth of each individual.

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Going Green

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VoiceNation is not just a place to work; it’s a place to thrive!

To be a part of our team, the hiring process is a rigorous one and we only hire the cream of the crop. Not everyone is a fit for the lifestyle at VoiceNation. A can-do attitude and a willingness to learn are an absolute must and these will be cultivated through ongoing training and staff development. Our employees are also issued personal and professional challenges. These challenges push each person to dig a little deeper and try a little harder. You think challenging our team is harsh? On the contrary…when we challenge we also reward for a job well done. Besides…a good challenge keeps everyone on their toes. All of our new employees are hired at the same level and pay grade with abundant opportunities for personal and professional growth. Advancement is available to everyone…if they choose to go after it.

Since we answer calls 24 hours a day, flexible hours make us an attractive choice to those who need a little flexibility in their life. That flexibility comes with a nicely competitive pay structure and health benefits. And…our fully stocked kitchen is always a fan favorite. Yes…you read that right…we have a FULLY stocked kitchen for employees and our guests. We don’t want our people to purchase drinks or snacks from a vending machine so we just make it easy for them. We go above and beyond to take care of our team and it shows. Our employees really enjoy coming to work each day…who wouldn’t with great co-workers, a positive team environment and…a fully stocked kitchen?!

A career at VoiceNation is serious business. We are not only hiring for our team, we are hiring for YOU!