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We are excited to share with you our latest new feature for our live answering customers: appointment setting.

This new feature is ideal for businesses like salons, spas, auto service centers and anyone who books appointments for their customers. Now we can let you can spend less time on the phone and more time in billable hours while we answer your calls, take messages and set appointments in your calendar.

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Don’t waste another second taking those appointment calls

If VoiceNation’s stellar selection of features wasn’t awesome already, we are now featuring the ability to add appointments to your calendar – 24-7. Our operators are trained and ready to fill your day up with clients and billable hours while you get it done. No more interruptions to schedule appointments and fumbling to get your calendar out. It’s all available to our operators from their screens.

Our developers have built a custom calendar application that you’ll have full control over within your dashboard. It couldn’t be easier!

When placing your order, select the appointment setting option at checkout to enable this amazing new feature. It’s just an additional $9.95 a month flat fee on top of the monthly rate for the live answering plan you choose. If you are an existing customer, please call us at 877-774-1717 to enable this feature today!

Cool Features:

  • 24/7 Online Access to updating your calendar
  • Instant Notification to email/text for new appointments
  • Easy to set up and manage right from your VoiceNation dashboard


$9.95/month in addition to your monthly VoiceNation plan cost

Thanks a lot, your system is going to make our lives much easier and more efficient, we thought what you told us was too good to be true, but that does not appear to be the case!!! Your system is awesome!” — Stephen Miller, Gainesville, FL

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