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When it comes to taking care of customers, a robust voicemail system is an essential part of your communications toolbox. Answering calls around the clock 365 days a year with VoiceNation’s live answering service and reliable voicemail by Ninja Number is a perfect combination.

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Voicemail Now Serviced by Ninja Number

While VoiceNation no longer sells a voicemail service, the same robust solution exists in Ninja Number. We highly recommend Ninja Number as a companion service to your live answering account at VoiceNation.

Your business is not like any other. You have your own individual needs. We respect that. With your virtual phone service application, Ninja Number works with you to customize the right plan for your business, including how and when to send callers to your voicemail.

Suppose you want our VoiceNation live operators to answer your calls and transfer them to you with our call forwarding service. That’s one option many businesses use. But what if you can’t answer when we transfer you the call? Don’t worry. We can send the call to your Ninja Number, where they can leave a detailed message for you.

VoiceNation and Ninja Number both have coverage in over 8,000 cities…so you have a ton of phone numbers to choose from. Once you’ve picked your number, you can personalize your voicemail by recording your own greeting or choosing from our prerecorded greetings. Soon, you’ll have the ability to type your greeting and have it converted into a professional sounding greeting.

With Ninja Number, you get other features such as call forwarding, a 24/7 hotline, multiple extensions, and a virtual assistant that directs calls based on where you are and what you’re doing.

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VoiceNation can handle anything, even 40,000 Colbert fans. And don’t you forget it!” — Comedy Central – New York, NY