Non-Profit Answering Service

Non-Profit Answering Service

Running a successful not-for-profit organization takes extraordinary people doing remarkable things. And if your intention is to do good for others – to change the world in an impactful way, we WANT to help. We understand your objective is to raise awareness of your organization in a way that others can relate and feel compelled to take action. Whether your organization is based on local, national, or global reach, VoiceNation’s non-profit answering services give non profits like yours the ability to communicate with a larger audience and expand reach.

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At VoiceNation, we know leading a non-profit doesn’t come without business challenges but, the reward is like nothing other. We thrive in helping others too! So, if you’d like to see how VoiceNation is giving back to our community and making a difference in the world we live in, check out – where we change perspectives.

And this is how we’re helping non-profits like yours, accomplish their mission.


Customer Spotlight:

HAP for Vets

Housing & Assistance Programs for Veterans (HAPFV)

VoiceNation’s 24 hour answering service enhances HAPFV’s ability to expand communication to improve the quality of life for ‘at risk’ United States veterans.

VoiceNation’s competitive prices, flexible plan packages and quality services have enabled our organization to reach-out and correspond with a larger audience towards the fulfillment of our mission statement.” – Rafiq DeVose, Executive Assistant of HAPFV

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