Make Your IT Help Desk Love You by Hiring an Answering Service

Make Your IT Help Desk Love You by Hiring an Answering Service

Help Desk Answering Service

Few departments in any company are more pressed for time than the information technology department. Employees, who are so important to the smooth operation of today’s offices, are often pulled in many directions, not able to give their full attention to any one concern. That can lead to frustration on all fronts, including from customers, in-house workers, and those on the management level. The solution for all these troubles? Hiring a professional help desk answering service. If it seems too costly at the outset, consider these benefits and how they could boost your customer service.

Certain Set of Skills

The people who work in your in-house IT department are to be cherished. They have a skillset that not many people do, and they are putting these talents to work for your company. They might have a thorough understanding of your in-house workings, but they may know less about the customer-facing aspects of the technology. And even if they do have a comprehensive knowledge, chances are they don’t have the time to help both inside workers and outside customers. Plus, not everyone is blessed with the gift of good and pleasant communication skills, especially under pressure.

Help desk answering service workers can assist customers with all types of issues and do so with a level of professionalism that reflects well on your company. You can train them on your particular technology requirements and scripts so they can offer smooth customer service in a timely manner and with a smile.

Devoted Workers

Call center workers are available 24 hours a day, which means you will never have a customer who is frustrated by not being able to talk to a live person. It’s highly unlikely you’d ever plan to have an in-house IT department staffed around the clock so you could make sure customers were always being helped. A professional help desk answering service is ready to go at all times and will be highly trained on every aspect of your business and technology. You won’t risk losing clients because no one picked up the phone or was quick to offer assistance.

In-House Focus

While your new call center help desk is fielding customer calls, members of your in-house IT department are free to focus on important projects in the office. They can assist employees more quickly and thoroughly, and any major projects you have planned for them can be handled without distraction. Because helping both customers and employees is challenging, the likelihood that in-house workers will get burned out and quit is lowered if there is a help desk answering service in place.

Complete Integration

Seamless is the key! With our industry-leading open source answering service solution, OpenAnswer, we are able to directly integrate with Help Desk solutions such as,ZenDeskSugarCRMConnectWise, and other top-tier services. This gives us the ability to be a true omnichannel customer service resource for your business by fully integrating with your current help desk software through an API and simply operate one of your employees onsite, right there in your office. Bottomline…one less thing for the IT department to have to worry about.


There is little chance that on-premises IT workers will be able to track the types and number of calls they get from customers. A professional answering service will provide statistics on how many calls it received, the nature of the calls, and how those calls were resolved. In this way, you can get a more immediate indication of potential software or website problems that need to be addressed quickly before customer satisfaction rates plummet.

Quick Assistance

Finally, because time is of the essence, a help desk answering service is all about immediacy. Callers are helped right away instead of being put in a long queue of help desk tickets that could take days to resolve. The same is true for in-office employees, whose work may be stymied if they are having a computer malfunction or accidentally downloaded a virus. Your employees will not lose a minute of potential work time if their in-house IT resource is dedicated solely to helping them.

The benefits of hiring a help desk answering service are numerous, from increased customer satisfaction to a smoothly operating office environment. Let VoiceNation and it’s professional agents help you and your business today. Give us a call at 877-774-1717 or view our live answering pricing and sign-up on the spot with our instant activation.

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