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Steve Jobs has Taken Medical Leave, Can you?

Steve Jobs has Taken Medical Leave, Can you?

Buford, GA (PRWEB) January 25, 2011

Steve Jobs recently announced that he will be taking his second medical leave from Apple. Jobs will remain CEO of Apple and involved in major decisions, however, Tim Cook Chief Operations Officer will step up and be in charge of the day to day operations at Apple for the second time. So how will Jobs stay connected? Today’s technologies make it possible for any Company owner or CEO to stay involved and as we all know, Apple is no stranger when it comes to innovative technology.

“If you own a business and want a corporate, professional image whenever someone dials your business number, you might want to check out VoiceNation. You will be pleased with the professional image they provide.” Jayvee Fernandez www.biztoolbelt.com

Telecommuting is becoming more and more essential for businesses everywhere. According to the Daily Finance a survey collected by the human resources group World at Work, showed that the number of Americans employed to work from home or remotely at least one day a month rose by 74% between 2005 and 2008; the total is now more than 17 million. Add the self-employed and the number jumps to nearly 34 million people.

The people at VoiceNation can help relieve your stress by providing full contact management services. VoiceNation allows you to manage your calls from home without having to worry about call-forwarding or disclosing your cell phone number.

  • Transferring your existing work number is quick and easy, or they can provide a local or toll free  number.
  • Market one phone number for business calls.
  • All calls can be automatically transferred to follow any ring path you choose.

In addition,VoiceNation Live offers you around the clock live and highly professional answering service. All calls are answered to your direction every time. They offer no holiday fees, free local fax and voicemail, unlimited toll free minutes, free patching and call transfers. We are sure you will find in comparison to full time employees who are paid an hourly rate, that VoiceNation and VoiceNation Live offer so much more for a fraction of the price. “VoiceNation’s proprietary technology is redefining how business is perceived. The big winners are small business, but even larger companies are finding substantial cost savings and clear advantages in virtual voice services,” says Jay Reeder, CEO, VoiceNation.

VoiceNation delivers services directly to every type of organization and provides tailored solutions for high-call-volume businesses, such as real estate, hospitality and specialty marketing groups. Since they develop their own technology in-house, it enables them to offer you the most comprehensive program in the industry and empower you, no matter the size of your Company to provide outstanding service to your customers.

VoiceNation leverages next generation technology solutions in order to deliver quality, call answering services at the lowest cost. VoiceNation is committed to helping your business succeed by providing creative cost-effective telephony solutions regardless of location. VoiceNation provides outsourced voicemail, Virtual PBX, answering services and disaster recovery services to businesses of all sizes throughout the United States.


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