VoiceNation Helps the Book Bank Foundation with Curing Our Nation of Illiteracy

VoiceNation Helps the Book Bank Foundation with Curing Our Nation of Illiteracy

April 28, 2009

VoiceNation Helps the Book Bank Foundation with Curing Our Nation of Illiteracy

Atlanta, GA – April 28, 2009 – The Book Bank Foundation (BBF) was founded in 1997 and has become a monumental advocate in promoting literacy among our nation’s homeless and academically deprived. Today they are positively influencing more than 10,000 lives every year. They recently gained added support from VoiceNation’s Care2Call program.

VoiceNation’s NextPBX automated telephony service allows callers to obtain information about the foundation, make a donation and learn about sponsorship all by simply hitting a button. This system totally automates the BBF’s inbound phone calls, saving the foundation time, money and resources which would otherwise be needed to staff a call center.

Glenn Toby, founder of The Book Bank Foundation reports, “We have chosen VoiceNation as our communications provider because of their reliability and the cutting edge service they provide to their customers. As a non profit organization, we have found that in order to remain competitive in today’s economic environment, seamless communication is a key to fundraising and creating awareness to our cause.”

The mission of The Book Bank Foundation is to promote and advocate literacy. They accomplish this by using motivational speaking, models of positive behavior, scholastic achievement, and resourceful thinkers to stimulate self-esteem, academic achievement, future goal setting, and stories of achievement in communities where illiteracy exists. Glenn Toby has said, “Illiteracy is often the first step into a world of crime, drug abuse, homelessness and mental illness”, which is why the foundation works diligently to provide the resources that are imperative to a child’s development and successful future.

A partnership with the Institute of Mental Health was also quickly organized for the BBF Montana chapter in order to support the organization’s health seminars and disease testing. Seminar attendees learn the importance of maintaining good health and are provided with the information and resources to do so. Participants also have the opportunity to be tested for diabetes and hypertension, as well as discover ways to manage their illnesses.

The Book Bank Foundation currently provides assistance in New York, Boston, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Louisiana, and Montana. Check out their website, www.thebbf.org, to find out more about how they are helping and what you need to do to bring them to your state.

“VoiceNation is proud to have a role within the Book Bank Foundation’s efforts”, states Chief Executive, Jay Reeder. “This wonderful foundation can help to make illiteracy a thing of America’s past rather than it’s future.”

About VoiceNation:
VoiceNation defines itself as what’s next in voice communications, enabling businesses of all sizes to compete in the marketplace as a Fortune 500 organization. The company’s hosted platform offers all the features of a corporate PBX at a fraction of the cost or complexity of traditional technology. VoiceNation offers companies a reliable outsourced voice platform, local number availability, voicemail, and live answering services, as well as robust disaster recovery services. VoiceNation is proud to serve well-respected clients throughout the United States, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Dell, and AIG. For more information on their products and company please visit www.voicenation.com.

About the Book Bank Foundation:


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