VoiceNation Is Sponsoring an Employee Pumpkin Carving Contest – and the Public Will Choose the Winner! Voter To Win Prize, Too!

VoiceNation Is Sponsoring an Employee Pumpkin Carving Contest – and the Public Will Choose the Winner! Voter To Win Prize, Too!

BUFORD & ATLANTA, GA (Issued October 2013)  — The staff at VoiceNation, a preferred call center partner for thousands of businesses nationwide, is gearing up for a truly unique Halloween with their own version of a pumpkin carving contest – and they’re inviting the general public to vote for their favorites.

Entries created by VoiceNation staff will be judged based on how well the pumpkins communicate VoiceNation’s Corporate Core Values in their artistic works: Passion, Innovation, and Excellence – truly a Pumpkin P.I.E. Carving Contest.

According to the rules, the staff must demonstrate a passion for pumpkins, must carve something innovative, and then show off their excellent designs for public votes. The jack-o-lanterns are creative, clever, funny, VoiceNation-themed, and just plain spooky!

Staff members have been working hard to complete their creation and all entry photos are now posted on the company’s pumpkin carving contest webpage. Polls are now open for the general public to vote, October 28th – 31st. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes will be given to staff members who best exhibited VoiceNation’s core values. In addition, VoiceNation is giving away the Grand Prize to a winning voter for supporting the company’s staff members. Anyone who votes will be entered into a random drawing for the Grand Prize! The Grand Prize winner and all other winners will be announced on November 4th. Tell your friends to visit the site at http://www.qualityansweringservice.com/contests/pumpkin-carving and choose their favorite before the contest deadline!

About VoiceNation

VoiceNation is a leading provider of 24 hour live answering services and call center solutions. Named “Top Provider in Industry” by PC World, VoiceNation is positioned as a knowledge leader with innovations in pricing, service, and proprietary open source technology.

Over 50,000 businesses worldwide, including Comedy Central, Delta, Dunkin’ Donuts, Rolls Royce, and StateFarm trust VoiceNation as their professional telephone answering service. Founded in 2002, VoiceNation is a privately-held company that invests heavy emphasis in staff development and community outreach opportunities.

To learn more about VoiceNation and its core values, visit http://www.qualityansweringservice.com.


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