Emergency Dispatching

Emergency Dispatching


When your customers need help, your phones MUST be answered. An urgent call that requires an emergency response could come in at any time. If this is your business…have no fear…VoiceNation is here!

When your regular business phone service just won’t do the trick, we will. We are ready, willing, and able with the best live answering service in the industry. VoiceNation can create a plan that will work for your business including the ability to handle your urgent and emergency service calls. With our Emergency Dispatching service, your customers get the immediate help they need no matter when they call, day or night. We answer your calls 24/7 and dispatch calls to your after hours technicians, on-call personnel, or emergency assistance when needed. We make sure your calls are handled just the way they need to be. You can view every call our call center receives using the dashboard to ensure are calls are handled properly.

You pick your plan, choose the services that work best for you, and we do the rest. We work with you to create your on-call provider list and build your call instructions, including how to handle your urgent calls. Our call center service provides live operators to answer all of your incoming calls…just the way you tell us. Don’t you wish everyone did what you told them to do?

Service companies, alarm companies, property management groups, nursing homes and many others rely on VoiceNation to be their 24 hour on-call support team. Don’t you want that same support? Partner with VoiceNation and let us give you peace of mind that your customers will always talk to a live person who can handle their needs…even the urgent ones.

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