All You Need Is Love

All You Need Is Love

Valetine's Day - Customer engagement

Valetine's Day - Customer engagementIn the month where everyone thinks about love more than any other and stores capitalize on us showing that love through buying chocolates, cards, flowers, stuffed animals, and anything else they might be able to stick a big red heart or the words Valentine’s Day on, I thought it would be appropriate to chat about customer engagement and what customers really want. Makes sense, right? Because let’s be honest, customers only want one thing when they call into your business or step foot in your doorway…they want to be loved.

Still not making sense? Let me explain. If you look up the definition of love you will see that love is “an intense feeling of deep attachment”. Ok, you can kinda see it now, right? Ok, let’s look at the synonyms and I know this will knock it home for you:

fondness, tenderness, warmth, intimacy, attachment, endearment, devotion, passion, desire, compassion, care, concern, friendliness, kindness, goodwill, sympathy, humanity, relationship, liaison

Now, you see it don’t you? Think about yourself as a customer, because you are a customer. Those words describe what you want to feel from a business. You want to feel warmth, endearment, compassion, care, concern, kindness and devotion when you talk to someone from a business that is either providing a service for you or you are purchasing something from. You want to feel like they are working just to serve you. That’s what we all want when we engage with a business. See, I even used the word “engage” in relation to being a customer of a business without even thinking about it until after I typed it. But as a business how do we supply this mindset to the customer without just coming right out and saying, “We love you!”. I mean you can do that, but let’s be a little more subtle. Here is a couple of ways to show the love:


This is the ability for your business and your customer service, call center, sales people, in fact, all employees, to understand and share the feelings of your customers. A good customer service rep can handle the call or take the order. A great customer service rep can understand the customer and anticipate their needs and what might help them, without the customer needing to state it. It is all about understanding where the customer is at and relating to their emotions. While you are a business, you are also human too. Show this to your customers and it will pay off big time in customer loyalty and the bottom line.

To be your #1

As a customer, yourself, you understand that you are not a business’s only customer, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to feel that way, right? Or better yet, what about feeling like you are their best or top customer. You customers have all of those same feelings as well. So, why don’t you show them that they are important to you or that they are one of your best customers – even if they aren’t one of your best if you treat them that way before hand they might become one of them. You can find ways to make their experience better like calling them by their name, sending them company swag or a gift, maybe sending them a handwritten thank you note. There are tons of ways to do this. And all of them add that extra layer of engagement to show that they are special to you and your business.

As we head into Valentine’s Day, maybe your business should do something sweet for your customers (see what I did there?). Take that step to show them that you really care, what to help them, and be there for them or their business. Remember that your customers are the most important thing for your business, because without them, you would not be in business. So, show them some love.

If you need help with serving your customers, let us help! Our call center agents are hired and trained with the thought process I shared in mind.  Find a plan that is right for you and your customers today! Maybe check out our 40for40 or Business plans today!

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